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Plagiarism Check - How it works?

❶The best way to avoid a charge of plagiarism is to correctly mention the source of your information, quotation or sentence that you have copied from another source. Access the plagiarism report directly in your account, Download in your preferred format, or Share it directly with your peers, professors or employees!

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Why using a Plagiarism Checker is Essential.
How to avoid plagiarism?

The plagiarized work can be used for entrance in higher education or job. Plagiarism also has some corrosive effects on student and on society. Students start feeling that plagiarism is necessary in order to compete with others.

Undetected plagiarism encourages cheating in students. Plagiarism problem is getting worse day by day. Easy use of technology is the main reason of increased plagiarism.

Today, there is a greater competition among students. Now there are many sources of information than in past. Online information, in particular, provides large amount of information on every topic within a second. To check for plagiarism, you need to know the common mistakes of plagiarists, as well as ways to confirm your suspicions. Featured Articles Plagiarism Essays.

Compare the current essay to the student's normal style. If the style is noticeably different, it may be that the student plagiarized the most recent essay. For example, is the work considerably longer or does it employ more in-depth analysis than you'd expect from this person?

This doesn't mean plagiarism per se, but definitely keep your eyes open for other signs of plagiarism. Does this person usually have incoherent or poorly formed concepts, then suddenly presents well-formulated statements? Watch for changes in phrasing. If one sentence is simple and clunky and the next is verbose with complicated connections, it's likely those sentences came from two different sources.

Watch for these changes throughout the paper, as many times students will interweave other sources into their own writing. Also, look for a weak start and end with an amazing middle, or some other mix of weak and strong areas. While this mixture can be a sign of a student struggling to shape an essay logically, it can also be a sign of plagiarism if a student has cut and pasted from various sources. Pay attention to shifts in spelling.

When a paper is plagiarized, certain words may have different spellings. For instance, the essay may shift from British to American spellings or vice versa. Sometimes, a character's name in a novel varies slightly according to the version of the text. If words shift throughout, that could be a sign of plagiarism. However, inconsistent spelling can also be the work of a poor writer.

Notice if the person stays on topic. Of course, students may veer off topic in an essay just because they are not great writers yet. However, if the essay veers off so much that it's not even covering the main points, it may be that the student chose poorly when picking a source to plagiarize from.

Check for bizarre phrasing. It's not always easy to find a good plagiarized paper. If the student doesn't read it well, they may not notice it is written poorly. Often, the odd phrasing is due to bad translations, as some papers may come from other languages. Follow up on ideas that are too sophisticated. If you notice some concepts are way above the class level you're teaching, you may want to follow up on it.

Of course, some students will be way above the current level, but it could also mean the student copied from another source. If you come across plagiarism, you need to refer it to concerned authorities who will deal with the situation. Mostly, there are severe consequences; should it be an academic essay, the student can receive zero score or get expelled for the plagiarized work. However, before you refer the plagiarized work to the authorities, make sure to go through the references in the text.

A plagiarized text does not refer to the borrowed excerpts from other sources. Another example of the work that is not considered plagiarism is any ghostwritten content for someone else. This is when someone asks someone else to write a book on their behalf by paying them. In this case, the actual writer has no rights to the finished product, giving the copyright and credit to the person who bought it from the writer.

We have developed our product with thorough research, considering what the users look for in a free plagiarism detector. We have implemented all the techniques and strategies to make this the best plagiarism detector free online. We realize that students rely on plagiarism detector tools to run plagiarism check on their papers, thesis, and essays before submitting them.

Hence, at SST, we came up with a free plagiarism software to help students identify plagiarism. This is also true for teachers and writers. Our free online plagiarism detector for students, teachers, scholars, and writers is really the best plagiarism test tool. Webmaster and SEO professionals can also benefit from our plagiarism software, as it can help them be sure that all the content on their website is unique and plagiarism free. Fresh and unique content could help them rank high in search engines.

We would suggest you to always use a plagiarism detector before publishing or submitting your content online or offline, to prevent any unpleasant situation. With our plagiarism software, we believe that we are playing our part to make this world a better place! For more information, please review our cookie policy. Choose From Google Drive. Check Plagiarism Check Grammar. Sentence Wise Result Matched Sources. How to Rank 1 on Google for Any Keyword?

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Check your Essay for Plagiarism Now. Assuming you have completed a paper, or it was delivered to you, and now it is time you carefully check its uniqueness. Being curious about a piece of writing that you will submit to your professor is absolutely normal, nobody wants to turn it a plagiarized essay at the end of the day.

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Why using a Plagiarism Checker is Essential. You’ve created a paper for presentation in your educational institution, and want to check content for originality. Or perhaps . With essay originality checker at hand students can easily spot any similar part, get rid of it and submit a high-quality paper full of bright ideas and conclusions. How to Use Plagiarism Checking Tool Online. Our plagiarism checker works online 24/7. Unregistered users can use the similarity checker online max. 5 times a month.