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Band 9 essay sample about weak family relationships


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A common concern nowadays is how modern lifestyles can have a negative effect on family life. A particular worry is that parents no longer are able to provide sufficient care and support to their children.

My own view is that this is generally true ,but not always so. While traditionally the husband was the breadwinner of the family and the wife stayed at home to take care of her children, this ordinary family role now has completely changed. Nowadays, women go outside to work side by side with men, leaving her children alone or with nannies. As result , parents spend less time with their children, for example,they are no longer eat meals together as used in the past.

On the other hand,many hard working families may still find the time to spend with their children. These families put more value on raising children , and it cause them agreat sense of achievement when they bring up their children in a perfect way. It should be the parent duty to balance their working and family life particularly if they decided to have children.

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The most important, of course, is the change in our lifestyles, values and goals. Families that spend a lot of time together tend to be closer. And families where the members rarely come face to face with one another have hardly anything that ties them together. In the olden days parents and children used to live and work together. In many families, children pursued the same career as their father. They learned the trade or craft from their parents and elder siblings.

This allowed them to spend more time with their family and that made their relationships stronger. Now we are living in the age of individualism. Everyone needs their space. This has made us more self-centred than our parents or grandparents. This also reflects in our relationships. We no longer believe in making adjustments or compromises. We want everything our way. This attitude creates strain in our relationships. There is yet another reason that affects family bonds. People are increasingly moving to another city or country in search of better education, jobs or living standards.

They leave their family behind.

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This is an IELTS family values essay, centered around the belief that families are not as close as in the past. So this essay is a mix of causes, advantages and disadvantages. Be careful in noting that it is partly as opinion essay as you have to give your opinion as to whether the advantages.

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Practice IELTS essay questions for the topic of family and children. Nowadays parents put too much pressure on their children to succeed. What is the reason for doing this? Is this a negative or positive development? (Reported , Academic Test).

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Family Size Essay: Learn how to write and structure excellent essays for IELTS. There are two parts that need to be answered: Why there is a trend towards smaller family sizes in countries that are developing and how this affects society in those countries. Let's try writing an essay 'skeleton' for one of the questions in last week's lesson. Here's the question again: In conclusion, the changing roles of men and women in the family are a result of wider changes in society, and I believe that these developments are desirable.

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Tag: Family Essay Discussion - Discuss both view, IELTS Essay , IELTS Task 2 - Essay, Writing Nowadays, many families have both parents working. Some working parents believe other family members like grandparents can take care of their children, while others think childcare centres provide the best care. Task 2 Essay Prompts – Family Some people think that mothers should spend most of their time raising their children, and therefore the government should support them financially. Do you agree or disagree? (model essay) Some people think it is better for children to grow up in the city while others think that life in the countryside is more .