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Locker Searches Pros and Cons

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Persuasive Essay On Locker Searches – 491527

If something was in a backpack that is "discriminating" it should not be on the campus. If people go to school is because they want to learn and be better. People in schools are not criminals that need to be check all the time. Schools need to explain the rules and make sure that all students follow them. They are not our parents so they do not get to check our stuff. Our stuff is exactly that--our stuff, not theirs.

We need to be trusted. Teachers should leave the backpack and locker checking to our parents. They are not our parents and they do not have the right to touch our stuff but our parents do!!!! Teachers should not check students backpacks or lockers because, it invades privacy and teachers wouldn't like it if students check their bags or personal belongings.

It's like having a stranger walking into your house one day and started looking through your bedroom. Looking through a student's backpack or locker can lead them to being a bully. They could have very personal belongings that they don't want other people to see.

Backpacks and lockers should only be checked when the student is a suspect. Otherwise it's just mean and an invasion of privacy! It would be like random people looking in your dresser at home, or your mail. I strongly believe that students should not have their private property searched. Just because a backpack is brought to school, doesn't make it school property.

Another reason is that the Fourth Amendment protects us from unreasonable searches and seizures. Officials that do this are sick people and they have no right to look in students things. A student should be able to feel comfortable at school I am a junior this year and there was an incident where the teacher wanted to look through my phone. I told her no so they got my parents involved. Although there was nothing to hide i made it difficult for them because it is not their place to look through my personal items.

When they got my parents involved i finally gave them my phone and what did they find? Nothing, nothing at all! And the reason why she wanted to check my phone was extremely stupid. She wanted to see what i was saying to my MOTHER i asked her if i could text my mother back because i needed something for my headache when i showed her at first she seemed satisfied but then she wanted to check the rest of my phone!

For all of you teachers who are like this out there get a damn life Were teenagers we will make mistakes and YES most of us do text in class. And if they drop your stuff it will brake and if all your stuff fall out and they leave it and the janitor comes by and sweeps it up you lose it and could get a bad grade!!! You would get in to trouble for losing something you didnt loseing something you didnt even do it.

The fourth amendment prevents illegal search and seizure without a warrant or probable cause. If not, then as long as you stay out of my stuff, I'll stay out of yours!

Sign In Sign Up. Add a New Topic. Should schools check students backpacks or lockers? New to Old Created: Read my Essay on Locker Searches? Can you read the essay and tell me the mistakes I made. And tell me how I can improve it. School Should be Able to Search Student Lockers I believe schools have the right to check student lockers for dangerous items. Idk what grade your in but some grades and school you cant use personal pronouns in an essay like us we you i..

Topic sentence i'd rearrange the first three sentences to also include the law aspect or rights of students safety. I clearly understand your thesis and your points are good. Summary of past locker violations should make a good summary paragraph. This is an interesting question, and one that confused me for quite a while.

Related Questions Thoughts on Locker Searches? Can someone help me write a thesis statement for my essay? Can some one please revise my essay?

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School Locker Searches: Protecting Your Children “The National School Board estimates that more than , guns are brought to school each day” (Debate).

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Below is an essay on "Locker Searches" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. Searching Lockers Protects Everyone Why do so many students oppose locker searches in schools?

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