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My Role Model

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❶You might get this topic for speech competition or for paragraph writing too. Here are the things you can do to start believing yourself and to be your own role model.

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Importance of parents in our life

So I believe, you yourself should be your role model. You should be a role model to yourself. One should not always look outside for the help, look inside you because only you can change yourself.

Start with the small things, celebrate the smaller successes and repeat. These smaller victories will accumulate over time and turn into a big success.

Here are the things you can do to start believing yourself and to be your own role model. We believe that we can only learn from books or from other people but the LIFE is the biggest teacher or education system out there. Do not get blinded by the expectation of a perfect life, a life without problems is not possible in this world.

Money can make your life better but it cannot prevent the problems. Problems are inevitable, the only way is the face them, fight them and learn from them. We often told by parents, the society that we should not make mistake. When you will try something you may not get it in the first attempt. Learn from it and go ahead. Do you know who are the experts?

Expert is one who has gone through all the possible mistakes, if YOU want to be the expert of your life then you got to make mistakes but you must learn from it and keep walking. We always complain, we blame others, God, nature or situations. When the solution is lies within you. You have to believe in yourself , accept yourself then only you will start respecting yourself.

Everybody on this earth is gifted, not only those who are succeeded in life. It only depends when you find your gift. When you accept yourself, once you start loving yourself then nothing in this world can stop you. Never underestimate yourself you can do much better things than you ever imagined. The absence of the goal makes us fall in the corporate rat race.

Your goal can be personal, social, financial whatever it is, you must know it. The goal is a not goal until and unless you put a timeline to it, that means a plan. You need to plan your day, ways you the things then only over the time you will achieve the goal and ultimately fulfill your dreams.

Imagine you are in the exam hall, all prepared; you get a blank answer shit but not questions. What are the chances that you will get good marks in it though you know all the answers? But out of everyone I chose my mom as my role model because she is forgiving, hard working, and encouraging. All these traits of my mom I wish I had and I wish I could be more like her. More responsible, hard working, and capable of not giving up when things gets hard.

This is why my mom is my role model. How does having good values make some one a good leader? My role model which is my mum has most of those values but the best in her I would like to give up some more for you 1 Honesty Whatever ethical plane you hold yourself to, when you are responsible for a team of people in this case her family, its important to raise the bar even higher.

Her children and family are a reflection of herself, and if you make honest and ethical behavior a key value, your family will follow. This is true with any family , large or small, and the most important thing is not to panic.

Part of your job is to put out fires and maintain the family morale. Keep up your confidence level, and assure everyone that setbacks are natural and the important thing is to focus on the larger goal. As the leader, by staying calm and confident, you will help keep the team feeling the same. Remember, your family will take cues from you, so if you exude a level of calm damage control, your family will pick up on that feeling.

The key objective is to keep everyone working and moving ahead. By proving your commitment to the family and your role, you will not only earn the respect of your family, but will also instill that same hardworking energy among your family. You want to create a reputation for not just working hard, but also be known as a fair leader.

Once you have gained the respect of your team, they are more likely to deliver the peak amount of quality work possible. Ability to Inspire inspiring your family to see the vision of the successes to come is vital. Make your family feel invested in the accomplishments. Whether everyone owns a piece of equity. Being able to inspire your family is great for focusing on the future goals, but it is also important for the current issues. When you are all mired deep in work, morale is low, and energy levels are fading, recognize that everyone needs a break now and then.

Acknowledge the work that everyone has dedicated and commend the team on each of their efforts. It is your job to keep spirits up, and that begins with an appreciation for the hard work.

So now the question on where do I get my values from: I get my values from everyone around me, everyone I meet or stay with or see….. Any random situation I see can teach me values. So basically I get my values from my family as a whole my father mother brothers and relatives…Also I get a lot of my values from my friends.

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Many of us have role models in our lives and to most people role models are athletes and movie stars, but to me a role model is much more. To me a role model is a person who has positively influenced someone in life, and is not a person filled with selfishness and greed. They help shape someone’s.

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My role model is one of the frequently asked essays or speech topic in might get this topic for speech competition or for paragraph writing too. El-Gohary Code Makeup assignment for a quiz or midterm MY ROLE MODEL When you have a role model it is someone you look up to or someone you hope to be like when you’re older. For me, my role model is my mom I chose her as my role model because she’s forgiving, athletic, hard [ ].