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Top 10 Instant Degree Scams

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❶The abstract must be persuasive and solid enough to convince an academic committee that the complete dissertation is worthwhile. So how is this service possible?

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Many were caught trying to cheat their way to a better career. A few, sadly, have committed criminal acts with their fake degrees that have led to a felony indictment or the loss of innocent lives.

Below, we list the top notorious 10 degree mill scams. For more information, read the full article or see the video. Thankfully, Chester has committed no crimes with his degree mill credentials. Instead, he uses his fake MBA to help consumers get educated before they get scammed.

Dixie and Steven Randock were charged with selling thousands of fake online degrees from distance learning universities—most notably Saint Regis University, of Liberia—and for creating fake diplomas from countless real universities. Customers came from countries and included professionals in education, medicine and nuclear engineering.

In , the Randocks were sentenced to three years in prison on federal fraud charges. An 8-year-old diabetic child died after a North Carolina "doctor" advised the little girl's mother to take her off insulin.

The "doctor," Laurence Perry, claimed to be a specialist with credentials from several online schools. These were later found to have been purchased from diploma mills. Some institutions are not properly certified to offer education to anyone for that matter. As a result of falling victim to such scams, you may not even be able to get employed anywhere. If you want to buy PHD degree, the credentials you claim to have will be considered null and void anywhere if it does not come from an accredited university.

To buy PHD degree may seem like a great amount of work but regardless of this fact, ground work like this is very important and should therefore not be taken lightly. To ensure that the system is indeed legitimate if you buy PHD degree, look at the statistics provided. It is only logical that there should at least be a few students, who have not been able to make it, even in the Harvard and Cambridge of this world, there should be a click of those who went not to study but they paid to be professional space occupiers.

To be able to find out what the courses you intend to purchase ought to entail, it also involves a considerable amount of research. This will make sure you buy PHD degree where it matters. What follows this ought to be the cost. To buy PHD degree does not cost much. After the first steps as outlined above, take a look at the cost factor.

While quality is indeed expensive, let it be noted that quality is outrageously overpriced! You can also get up to three letters of recommendation from your professors boy, do I wish I could see some of those professors' names , and graduation caps, gown and hood. I am a teenage mom and after giving birth to my daughter, i never had time studying in college.

I have wanted to become an accountant and land a stable job to support my child. When i got my diploma at expreesuniversitydegree. My dilemma now is what job i should choose?? It has always been my dream to earn a degree in Doctorate. I have searched for many sites only at expressuinversitydegree i become satisfied. I have enjoyed my previliges being a doctor!

I get the best sit in the plane, I get discounts in restrurants, I get the best promo in my travels. D is such as wonder. Are you beginning to suspect that we have some copywriters for whom English is not a primary language? And no -- no school superintendents offer testimonials. There is some faith-based leaping involved here. The site would like all your credit card information, plus a piece of id including a scanned copy. I suppose when you are buying fake credentials online, you must always consider the possibility that you are dealing with a university run by a Nigerian prince.

A doctorate would give me such clout and importance, and I, too, want the previlige of discounts at restrurants. But even at these prices, I can't really afford it. Maybe I should ask for some career advice from Dr. Terrence Carter, who appears to have plenty of free time in his future.

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15 Reasons to Buy PhD Degree Online, and NOT Go to Graduate School. People who buy Buy PhD degree OnlineCompetition! Graduate school is very difficult, highly competitive and fosters a spirit of competition rather than cooperation.

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Buy PhD online to improve your social standing. When people hear about the possibility to buy a PhD online, the last thing that comes to mind is social standing, among the first being the amazing career prospects such a higher education program offers its graduates. International Degree Services. Buy PHD Degree and boost your qualification globally. Therefore, I do hope that this article is of help to anybody in the process of attempting to buy PHD degree more so online. These are the things you need to remember if you buy PHD degree. First and foremost, it is of utmost importance that you realize that.