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Drug Trafficking

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Military and intelligence services are engaged in the war, as are various law enforcement agencies at the local, state and federal levels. Yet drug use and abuse continues to be strong, and drug interdiction efforts on the international level draw mixed reviews. This research considers the issue of drug trafficking, and examines the political ramifications. Drug traffickers run everything like a business.

They sell a product, compete for customers, and market their product; collect payments, payout commissions and salaries for people that work for them. A major difference between running a business and upper level drug trafficking is that the traffickers do not follow the rules and regulations that a legitimate business is required to follow.

Many people are aware of the financial benefits that can be awarded from selling illicit drugs. Generally, the reward overrides the risk to most people in the illegal drug market. Factors such as economical changes forced those who were used to making a living from repairing and reselling junk to seeking fast money that could generate huge profits.

Estimations suggest that there are tens of millions drug users in China. Past foreign policy decisions by China and their trade of weapons area main reason for the ease of importing illegal drug into the country. Korea is a neighboring country of China with government funded narcotics trafficking. Since Korea has some government funded trafficking;the detection of smuggling drugs into China is very difficult to regulate.

Beijing spends a lot of focus on its borders with the Southeast Asian countries because of Xinjiang. Xinjiang is bordered by the Arabian Sea and is under developed. Overall, smaller is safer as far as drug distribution enterprises are concerned.

Higher level drug traffickers closely resemble independent business persons in a wholesale distribution system. Knowledge and information are tightly controlled which keeps crew members from asking too many questions. Approaching and addressing international drug issues is not a simple task due to numerous contradictions that involve the built in nature of economics, politics, culture, and individual ideologies. The normal attributes of drugs, as well as the changing characteristics of these mind-altering substances, makes them the center of complex studies that end up producing contradictory and inconclusive reports The United States is currently engaged in a War on Drugs, a war that has been waged for decades and which shows no indication of being successfully concluded in the near future.

The United States military and intelligence services are engaged in the war, as are various law enforcement agencies at the local, state and federal levels. Yet drug use and abuse continues to be strong within the United States, and drug interdiction efforts on the international level draw mixed reviews. This leaves them where they are not able to secure credit and collect debts. They are also not able to advertise their products and face the high risk of robbery and violence.

The two competing views the upper level trafficker face are they are controlled by small number of large highly discipline criminal mafias, and the large number of small independent criminal ran organizations thatcompete with one another for market share. There are several obstacles that stand in the way of trafficking. Some of these include the RCMP, the police, and other such bodies. However, as for the strength of these bodies in terms of catching criminals in possession of or trafficking drugs the chances are very slim.

Most of these people are caught when they are stopped for other related possessions Trafficking drugs exists only because certain drugs are illegal in the United States and elsewhere, and because a shadow and illegal market exists for these drugs.

Clientelism is very active in countries such as Rio de Janeiro, and has gradually changed to the coming forth of powerful locally based narcotics traffickers. Politicians in Rio de Janeiro understand that if they can win the votes of people of favelas the lower class slums of Rio de Janeiro , they can win their political races. In order for politicians to accomplish winning votes, they turn to drug dealers. Drug dealers influence the favelas heavily and get them to vote for the politicians they say.

Once that politician is elected into office the drug dealers are given power from the favors they get from politicians they helped get elected into office. This has resulted in a double clientelism in which drug traffickers make exchanges with politicians and then turn around and deliver services to favelas themselves. Traffickers regularly threw parties for residents in each of the communities.

The favela residents have direct contact with the drug traffickers who they feel is in power because of the favors the politicians are providing them. The growing tolerance of violence in poor areas among the upper classes and the ongoing relationships many politicians maintain with drug traffickers means that crime has become naturally apart of the political system.

It is unlikely to be controlled without some sort of major political change. Most authorities prevent trade of many kinds of drugs with the use of laws that prohibit the same.

However, the war against drug trafficking seem to overweigh those against it. There is always a catch in this trade. A lot of money is involved and this is notably one of the biggest things that have made some people very wealthy.

However, this has been at the expense of the drug users. Young people have fallen prey to drug traffickers who sell the drugs to them. Most of the people involved are very influential individuals in the society and apparently, there is almost no fear while trading since the process is made a secret between the dealers and the buyers.

There have been a lot of effects associated with drug trafficking. The poor and vulnerable have been the most vulnerable. The drugs cost a fortune and when an individual cannot afford, they can do anything to get them — especially when they are addicted to them.

The lives of many youth have been ruined through drug trafficking. They have increasingly become the main abusers of the substances and as a result, their life losses focus and meaning. It now shifts to a societal issue. A lot of overdependence is created in the communities while the drug traffickers live lavished lives. Drug trafficking is therefore a global illicit selling and buying of illegal drugs.

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Oct 30,  · Drug trafficking essay. Drug trafficking is one of the most serious problems for most countries all over the world. Unfortunately, this type of business is rather profitable, if not to consider that it is constantly related to murders, kidnapping, prostitution and other crimes/5(4).

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Drug trafficking is defined as the possession of an illegal drug in a fixed quantity that constitutes that the drug is going to be sold (Merriam-Webster). Currently, the toll of drug trafficking can be seen in the drug war the U.S. and Mexican governments are waging against drug cartels in their respective territories. Illegal drug trafficking from Mexico into the United States is and has been killing our society for many years. For decades, the border of the United States with Mexico has been used to smuggle illegal substances into the country with the intent to distribute. Many of the drugs come from Mexico or 3/5(10).

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Drug Trafficking It has been said, “The lack of money is the root of all evil”, drug trafficking is no exception. Drug trafficking, the act of selling and distributing substances which are subject to drug prohibition laws, is one of the largest employer in the world. UNDOC’s report suggests that the countries that are involved in the production and trafficking of the illicit drugs are Bolivia, Columbia, .