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Law of Conservation of Energy

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❶A goal of reducing national energy expenditure, if pursued rigorously, can lead to a strong emphasis on energy efficiency, improve economic competitiveness, and limit oil dependence. Diesel -powered transport trains, merchant ships, heavy trucks, etc.


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Secondly, energy can be conserve by recycling of items such as plastics, paper, bottles and cardboard. Recycling helps extend the life and usefulness of something that has already served its initial purpose by producing something that is useable.

For example, we can reuse plastic bags for shopping and storage. Recycling help the earth go green and gives the environment to be healthy.

So many of our items can be recycled, whatever we recycle can be reuse which help us to conserve energy. It takes less energy to process recycled materials than to process virgin materials.

For example, it takes a lot less energy to recycle paper than to create new paper from trees. Excessive utilization of coal and oil for generation of electricity leads to the multiple problems of acid rain, and rising carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere. There are also political and economic implications like the increasing tension in the Persian Gulf, which is the major petroleum exporting area, and failing international competitiveness.

All these threaten to strangle the world economy in a stagnation. Let us see how some steps taken to resolve these complex problems have tangled the issues further. To reduce dependence on oil for generation of electricity by burning coal and oil, hydroelectric power stations and atomic energy stations were advocated. Huge dams can make substantial contributions to economic development in electricity-short developing countries like India, but as in any large-scale electricity generating option, there are trade-offs.

Reservoirs inundate forests, farmland and wildlife habitats and uproot entire communities of indigenous people. Thus, hasty solutions to a given problem may create more complications rather than solving it. In the recent past, countries have been expanding their energy budget presumably thinking that energy expenditure was the only way to development, but today the perspective has changed.

One of the greatest challenges facing poor countries is to meet their energy needs without repeating the mistakes made by the rich countries. Many urban areas offer subsidized public transportation to reduce commuting traffic, and encourage carpooling by providing designated high-occupancy vehicle lanes and lower tolls for cars with multiple riders. In recent years telecommuting has also become a viable alternative to commuting for some jobs, but as of only 3.

Ironically, hundreds of thousands of American and European workers have been replaced by workers in Asia who telecommute from thousands of miles away. A vehicle's gas mileage normally decreases rapidly at speeds above 55 miles per hour. According to the U. The residential sector refers to all private residences, including single-family homes, apartments, manufactured homes and dormitories. Energy use in this sector varies significantly across the country, due to regional climate differences and different regulation.

On average, about half of the energy used in the U. The efficiency of furnaces and air conditioners has increased steadily since the energy crises of the s. The National Appliance Energy Conservation Act authorized the Department of Energy to set minimum efficiency standards for space conditioning equipment and other appliances each year, based on what is "technologically feasible and economically justified". Despite technological improvements, many American lifestyle changes have put higher demands on heating and cooling resources.

The single-person household has become more common, as has central air conditioning: As a cheaper alternative to the purchase of a new furnace or air conditioner, most public utilities encourage smaller changes the consumer can make to lessen space conditioning usage.

Consumers have also been asked to adopt a wider indoor temperature range e. Energy usage in some homes may vary widely from these averages. In most residences no single appliance dominates, and any conservation efforts must be directed to numerous areas in order to achieve substantial energy savings.

Current best practices in building design and construction result in homes that are much more energy conserving than average new homes. Smart ways to construct homes such that minimal resources are used to cooling and heating the house in summer and winter respectively can significantly reduce energy costs! The commercial sector consists of retail stores, offices business and government , restaurants, schools and other workplaces.

Energy in this sector has the same basic end uses as the residential sector, in slightly different proportions.

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Energy conservation is a very important part of energy planning and its management. It not only saves energy resources for future, avoids wasteful utilisation of energy, provides solution to energy crisis and ensures higher per capita availability/ consumption but controls environmental degrada­tion and pollution.

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Energy supplies can be extended by the conservation, or planned management, of currently available resources. There are three types of energy conservation practices. The first is curtailment; doing without. For instance, cutting back on travel to reduce the amount of gasoline burned.

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Energy Conservation. Energy is considered as the capacity of a physical system to perform or complete work whether through a mental or physical state. On the other hand, energy can also include the physical movements such as the shifting of something from a given place to . Conservation of Energy Lab Essay Words | 7 Pages FREE FALL AND CONSERVATION OF MECHANICAL ENERGY ABSTRACT Free fall is defined as the ideal falling motion of an object that is subject only to the earth’s gravitational field.

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- The Conservation of Energy Physics Essay: The Conservation of Energy Since the beginning of time, energy has pervaded our earth. These days we rely on it to advance in our technological developments. When we save energy, we also save money. For it reduces the demand for fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas. Such fuels form non­renewable energy sources. So the more we use them the less there is to go around. If we depend solely on them we will reach a point where we will [ ].