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Study snacks will be provided. This is a great opportunity for first year Texas State students, incoming Freshman and Sophomores. Here at Student Support Services, we want to make sure that your transition into a college setting goes as smoothly as possible! With that in mind, this seminar will include a panel discussion of current students who come from similar backgrounds. They will share their stories about learning to navigate the Texas State campus and many awesome strategies for success!

Are you getting the most out of your study time? We can show you some simple strategies to sharpen your study skills and use your time more efficiently. Search Terms Start Search. Contact Us Office Location. October Culture Matters 2.

Beauty and the Beast Ballet Date: Bollywood Dance Class Date: December Fuel Up for Finals Date: I-Corps Site award to encourage entrepreneurial culture at Texas State. Sorto named National Science Foundation program officer.

Bobcat Day - Round Rock Campus. Open House - St. David's School of Nursing. Registration for Spring Begins. We are all stakeholders in the education system — as families, taxpayers or community members.

Semih Aslan, associate professor of engineering, can read them. Meadows Center researcher Thomas Hardy describes the connections — environmental, cultural, educational and recreational — between San Marcos and its river. He interprets maps made of words rather than lines and shapes.

In departments across the university, from Nursing to Psychology and beyond, Texas State researchers are dedicated to improving health and healthcare in our region. For College of Education graduate Mackenzie Bryant, teaching is family tradition.

Happy Spirit Friday, y'all!

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Texas State Division of Student Affairs Career Services Students Get Job Search Help Resume Assistance Resume Assistance Resumes, and the cover letters that often accompany them, serve as the “gate keepers” to getting an interview.

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Texas State Division of Student Affairs Career Services Students Get Job Search Help Resume Assistance Hour Online Resume & Cover Letter Critique Hour Online Resume & Cover Letter Critique A career counselor or advisor will be happy to provide online feedback for your resume, cover letter or other professional documents.

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Check out Texas State University Counselors's Resume. This is an example of a Community And Public Service Resume based in Roanoke, TX - One of hundreds of thousands of resume samples. Minds Matter: This website is designed to help students find answers to frequently asked questions about mental health support at Texas State University, in the community and online. Office of Disability Services: Provides specialized services based on individual disability-based needs.