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❶Nonetheless, the disadvantage of these water systems is that it time consuming and energy consuming to treat the water.

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At first, she tried Therefore, she saw it as her duty to lead her daughter towards becoming an A The conflict between mother and daughter and the importance of the last paragraph of the short story are the focus of this paper t When she disappoints her mother by failing one of her tests, she acknowledges her mothers failed hopes, but she also sees her "pro This 9 page paper examines the way in which three different directors approach Shakespeare.

It looks at Kenneth Branagh's producti The first two lines of the poem establish his thorough knowledge of the Lond This paper discusses the role of women in three Norse sagas. The writer argues that "Njal's Saga" and "Laxdaela's S New to eCheat Create an Account!

The daughter takes a lot longer to understand things, and by then, it…… [Read More]. Risk There are two kinds of risk that a company faces. Systematic risk is risk that is inherent in the economy. This risk is generated largely by external factors to the company, such that the company has little control over these factors.

This type of risk is faced by all companies or most of them within the economy and as a result it is very difficult to diversify systematic risk away. Hence, it is undiversifiable risk. The other type of risk is diversifiable risk. This risk type is generally internal to the company, so it is generated by company-specific factors that are not shared by other companies.

In modern portfolio theory, firm-specific risk factors can be diversified away, if a portfolio has enough other securities and securities from different risk categories. A fully-diversified portfolio should have risk equivalent to the broad market undiversifiable risk because the risk associated with any…… [Read More].

Parental Control in Two Kinds. She never had the opportunity to grow at her own pace and this was something that her mother had to live with every day for the rest of her life. Jing-Mei might have possessed what was needed to be a prodigy but she spent all of her energy resisting her mother, so she will never know. The piano was like a ghost looming just behind them and even as an adult, Jing-Mei's mother believes her daughter simply did not try.

Jing-Mei declares that she could not have been a genius but the truth is that neither one of them will never know because so much energy was wasted on…… [Read More]. In this method of thinking things already thought to be related are demonstrated as connected logically. The second kind, "divergent" or associative thought, is closer to Freud's notion of free association Gabora, In the first kind of thinking, relationships are proven instead of sought and in the second kind, they are sought and experienced rather than proven.

Sometimes we categorize the first as scientific thinking and the second as creative. Convergent Thinking Convergent thought is usually supposed to be linear.

Two models can be used to describe it, the first being an equation based on logic and read left to right in a chronological sequence. First comes A, then B, then C, following one another in a sort of logical, step-by-step sentence form. The other model would be in…… [Read More]. Kinder Morgan the Enclosed Project Contains a. Kinder Morgan The enclosed project contains a summary of operations for Kinder Morgan's Earnings, Cost of Capital, Target Multiples, and various assumptions that were used to construct pro forma financial statements and valuation summaries.

Financial Analysis The natural gas industry has changed dramatically, and is much more open to competition and choice. Wellhead prices are no longer regulated; meaning the price of natural gas is dependent on supply and demand interactions. Interstate pipelines no longer take ownership of the natural gas commodity; instead they offer only the transportation component, which is still under federal regulation.

There are about pipeline companies in the United States, operating over , miles of pipe. Of this, , miles consist of interstate pipelines. This pipeline capacity is capable of transporting over Billion cubic feet Bcf of gas per day from producing regions to consuming regions? Two Party System the Two-Party. The merits of the two-party system all stem from its perceived and probably justifiably so stability. That stability is offered by many as reason enough to avoid rocking the boat.

But, as presented here, the arguments against the two-party system and, indeed, maybe against stability itself, are more persuasive. The American Economic Review, 78 4: Two-Party System in the United States. Walpole the Two Cultures of. Think not thy ever-obedient wife rebels against thy authority. I have no will but that of my Lord and the Church. The characters experience helplessness and terror in the face of the forces of beyond, rather than any sense of empowerment that they can control them with science.

Morality, rather than reason enables them to survive. The realism that alpole perceives in his narrative is the morality that the characters struggle with, in attempting to do the 'correct' thing. Finally, at the end of the novel, Manfred realizes his ancestor's crimes and repents: Unhappy by my crimes! Longitudinal and traverse waves. In longitudinal waves, the particles are parallel to the direction of wave propagation.

In traverse waves, the particles are perpendicular to the direction of wave motion. Further more, in the longitudinal waves, the particles move back and forth about their mean positions. In traverse waves, the particles oscillate up and down about their equilibrium positions. The water waves are a combination of both the longitudinal waves and traverse waves. While the waves move forward because of longitudinal properties the particles rotates in a clockwise motion giving the impression of waves as we see them at oceans.

Energy is required to disturb the particles and make them move in any of above ways. However, the question that arises is, from where do the ocean waves get their energy? They are incessantly moving in the direction predicted without any visible…… [Read More].

Kinder Togs Has Been an. To completely retool our image is a daring act on the part of the company, but the executive management team is confident that this is the best step to take, albeit untraditional Maclachlan Appendix I Bibliography Hisey, Pete. Competitive Strategy and Rationalization. Motivation is too much of a complex subject to narrow it down to two forces. However, the many forces that motivate people may indeed be classified under these two broad terms.

In order to examine the forces that motivate people it is important to first define motivation and examine some of the theories of motivation. The complexity of the subject can be seen even in attempting to do these two things. There are many definitions offered for the term motivation. Motivation has been described as an internal state or condition that activates behavior and gives direction.

Or, it has been described as a desire or want that energizes and directs goal-oriented behavior. The definition that I like best is by a psychologist, Samuel Bell, who defines motivation as ' the processes involved in arousing, directing and sustaining behavior'.

Whatever the definition, the…… [Read More]. Two Top Issues and Memo to the President. Cities continue to be the main contributors of this challenge. Most of the greenhouse gases are produced by industries, motorized conveyance, domestic fuel, and disposal of waste and are centered in and around cities. The IEA International Energy Agency foresees almost three fourths of the carbon emissions coming from urban centers by It then becomes imperative for the cities to take cognizance of the fact and react to lessen the effect.

Creating an inventory of the carbon footprint would then be the logical first step in the process of addressing the issue of climate change effectively. Kinds of Minds by Daniel C Dennett.

Minds The fields of literature and research are the ever-flourishing disciplines. Like many writers, one personality that has made a mark in the western literature and one name that often emerges in research and literature pertaining to human mind and behavior is Daniel C.

The following passage of our research paper will present an overview of the renowned writer of the marvelous book, The Kinds of Minds: Towards an understanding of Consciousness.

Overview of the author Educational Qualifications and Teaching Career: Dennett was born in in the city of Boston at a historian's place. After receiving schooling in the hometown, he completed his B. In philosophy in from the prestigious institute of…… [Read More].

Two Views of the Mind Body Problem. Descartes Cartesian dualism emerges from Descartes's approach of radical skepticism. Wanting to know what can be determined to be absolutely true, Descartes begins by doubting all sensory perception as fundamentally external and liable to interference.

Just as we understand that hallucination exists as a real phenomenon -- whereby we might "see" an object that is not really there -- we may come to understand that all the evidence obtained from eyesight may not necessarily be a valid representation of the external world.

Indeed, we do not even have to refer to the pathological category of hallucination to understand what it would mean to find sensory evidence to be deceptive. In his recent book on hallucinations, the noted neuroscientist Dr. Oliver Sacks makes reference to "dreams, which one can argue are hallucinations of a sort" xiii. Anyone who has had a vivid dream knows that they contain visual, auditory, and…… [Read More]. Dystopia The two well-known science fiction films that are critiqued in this paper -- all-E and Blade Runner -- will be critiqued and contrasted as to the following dichotomies: This ravaged planet is no utopia in the traditional sense, for sure, but all-E has evolved over the past years; some kind of mutation perhaps is what has allowed him to survive in a highly radioactive environment.

To survive alone with the exception of a cockroach which is one of the few species that can survive horrendous polluting events like radiation is proof of his survivability. After all, utopia…… [Read More]. Bowen and Carroll Howard R. Bowen was the founder of the concept of corporate social responsibility.

In his book "ocial Responsibility of the Businessman," Bowen argued that business was a major force that touched the lives of numerous individuals. These included not only employees of the firm but also their families, acquaintances, and so forth.

The larger the firm, therefore, the more corporate responsibility, accordingly the industry had in regards to the decisions that it formulated. Getty Museum Before making plans to personally visit the J. Getty, and some of the issues that this richest of all art museums had recently faced.

The assignment calls for finding out what is available to see, and I also found out what was not available to see. One important statue that I would have liked to have viewed was the ancient Greek "goddess of love," Aphrodite, that that iconic statue had been repatriated back to Italy in My research also showed that the trend for museums that have antiquities on display is to return those art pieces to their rightful countries, if they were purchased from dealers who either stole them or bought them from thieves.

In fact the Getty Museum has given back 47 pieces in the last few years the…… [Read More]. Jonas points to the first signs of life as the quickening of an unborn person in the womb. From prenatal quickening, a person soon learns self-expression in different ways. One is in the form of a meaningful series of bodily activities or motions called dance.

It has evolved into both a tradition and an unconscious external display of purpose, emotion or message. Through history, it can be a form of wooing, entertainment, mourning, praying, healing, teaching or communication.

These expressions evolved into a people's culture upon which their society was built Jonas. Sklar , on the other hand, lists five premises for a culturally sensitive approach to, and an appreciation of, dance. He lists them as a knowledge of movement as cultural in nature; as conceptual, emotional and kinesthetic; as embedded into other kinds of cultural knowledge; as requiring a discernment beyond physical movement; and always an immediate physical…… [Read More].

Two Minimalist Short Stories. English Literature - Introduction Minimalism -- John Barth's Description Minimalism certainly means using fewer words to express thoughts, plots, ideas, quotes and action, but there is more to it than that, according to John Barth. By using Henry James' mantra of "show, don't tell," Barth covers the subject very well. Barth also quotes Edgar Allen Poe, who wrote that "…undue length is…to be avoided.

There are writers who specialize in what Barth calls "luxuriant abundance" and in "extended analysis," which clearly is the opposite of minimalism; he mentions Guy de Maupassant and Anton Chekov as "masters of terseness" Barth, And because Barth uses examples of well-known writers, he certainly couldn't omit Ernest Hemingway, whose short stories were very tight and yet very expressive with fewer, well-chosen…… [Read More].

Leaderships and Two Different Kinds of Practices. The three different kinds of leadership are the following: Deliberative -- where the leader deliberately guides and leads his followers Participative -- where leader and followers participate in making decisions Charismatic -- where the leader wins his followers over by virtue of his personality and radical decision-making style The two different kinds of behavior and attitude that the leader may actuate to followers and that are discussed in this essay are: Using material appended from other settings the essay concludes by telling us how we may become more effective leaders.

In this paradigm, the leader is in a purely…… [Read More]. Filmmakers From Two Different Eras Used to Portray Subjects and Ideas The focus of the research in this study is the techniques utilized by filmmakers from the classical and 'New Hollywood' eras of filmmaking.

Towards this end, this study will examine the literature in this areas of inquiry. As well a narrative can be viewed as a structure in the way its "components combine to create a distinctive whole. Advertisements an Analysis of Two. The ad can appeal to women who want to be women in an old world view sort of way -- and not have to be the leader in a relationship or in a family.

This dual appeal may also be discernible in the John hite shoe ad, which at first glance appeals mainly to men. The John hite shoe ad features a nude woman holding a John hite men's shoe over her groin.

The nudity of the female form is sure to lure a man's eye, but the bold sexuality of her nudity is sure to catch the woman's attention as well and tell her what she can do to lure a man's attention. The woman's body is thin and fit, with large breasts and trim waist. Evil Is Divided Into Two. How does Luther and Calvin's view of moral evil differ from that of Catholicism? The classical Christian approach to the dilemma of moral evil has been that people are abusing the freedom of choice given to them by their creator.

With free will and the ability to choose between good and evil actions, people who exercise the wrong choices can create moral evil, which impacts others. The Catholic Church essentially takes this approach to evil. To understand their approach, one must understand the concept of original sin. When Adam and Eve were in the garden, they were created in the image of God, but with a presumably much more limited intellect than modern humans.

They were forbidden to eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge, because it would give them moral reasoning, thus making them closer to God. However, they chose to eat of this fruit, which distanced…… [Read More]. Limit Two to a Page Speculate on. Limit Two to a Page Speculate on the efficacy of web-based computers in health care. Cite one new article. One of the most famous -- and to some, one of the most frightening -- developments in the world of computers was the creation of IBM's 'Watson,' a computer so brilliant it was even able to vanquish the most brilliant minds on television's Jeopardy trivia game show.

However, Watson's capabilities have a potential to be used for the good of humanity far beyond the realm of mere entertainment. According to Lucas Mearian of ComputerWorld in his article entitled "IBM's Watson supercomputer to diagnose patients," IBM and WellPoint Blue Cross, Blue Shield's largest health plan "have agreed to develop Watson-based applications that can improve patient care through the use of evidence-based medicine, which is designed to standardize patient treatments by identifying proven best practices" Mearian Watson is to be used…… [Read More].

These types of relationships should be based on important issues such as trust, love, and commitment between two people Coontz, However, there are many people who do not base their marriages on such things, and these stories address that issue Coontz, Both Chopin's and Godwin's stories focus on the women and how they struggle with the marriages they have Meyer, However, what people sometimes do about their unhappy marriages and what it…… [Read More].

HS2 or High Speed 2. Chunnel , take upwards of 1. Thus, no is the time to look forward to the future of railway in Britain and invest in the possible. This will, in fact, protect the next two generations from being saddled with even higher debt and potentially a lower rate of benefits Department of Transport However, other research shows that the government's economic case is unsound because it depends on rates of return that are implausible as well as unproven synergies of growth demands created by the railway itself e.

Less expensive solutions are available through alternative transport systems, and can likely be implemented more quickly, thus relieving congestion and serious urban problems now, rather than in years or decades. This is surmised by looking at the transportation trends over the past…… [Read More]. Jaron Lanier's views on Web 2. However, whether it has been an influence for good or for ill remains a hotly-debated question.

According to media critic Andrew Keen, rather than improve the quality of information that can be accessed, the democratization of the Internet "is actually undermining reliable information and high-quality entertainment. By replacing mainstream media content, high-quality radio, television, newspapers, publishing, music How can a poorly-researched blog entry be a substitute for an article in The New York Times or even a well-written article in a local newspaper, asks Keen?

Speakers the Two Speeches Being Compared and. Speakers The two speeches being compared and contrasted in this paper are by actors. Viola Davis gave a commencement address in at Providence College. Tom Hanks gave his commencement speech in at Vassar College. Hanks' Theme Tom Hanks started his speech after a joke relating to the length of the introduction by saying he had recently read an article about gridlock on the Southern California freeways. He reported that "Some smart folks" did a computer simulation to see how many cars would need to be removed from the gridlock to get the traffic flowing again.

He reported that if four cars out of every hundred were removed from the traffic snarl, or forty cars for every thousand cars in the gridlock were removed, things would flow…… [Read More]. Bridging the Two Worlds -.

However, this power is limited, and it only depends on the foundation's board members. Her power can mostly be exerted on her subordinates. Clark does not have any power over the board members. In fact, her power is established by these board members. Her mother invites all of her friends from the Joy Luck Club, a group of four Chinese women who meet regularly to play mah-jongg, a parlor game, and socialize.

Knowing she is not prepared but somehow thinking that the prodigy in her actually exists, June plays to her surprised and somewhat embarrassed parents. A few days later while she watches television, her mother reminds her that it is time to practice.

It is the final showdown between mother and daughter. June tells her mother she will never be a genius or the daughter that her mother wants her to be.

Her mother explains that there are only two kinds of daughters: Although her mother thinks she was won by identifying which kind of daughter can live in her house, the daughter, feeling her own power, strikes the final blow by shouting that she wishes she were dead. Painfully, June looks back on this as an unresolved conflict that has followed her into adulthood. A few years before her death, her mother offers her the piano for her thirtieth birthday.

June accepts, seeing this as a peace offering, a shiny trophy that she has finally won back.

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- Analysis of Two Kinds by Amy Tan In the story “Two Kinds”, the author, Amy Tan, intends to make reader think of the meaning behind the story. She doesn’t speak out as an analyzer to illustrate what is the real problem between her and her mother.

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Amy Tan's 'Two Kinds' is a short story about the relationship between a Chinese-American mother and her American daughter. Two Kinds is a chapter from Tans book, "The Joy Luck Club", which is made up of sixteen stories about Tan growing up in America with a .

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Free essay on Analysis of Jing-mei from "Two Kinds" by Amy Tan available totally free at, the largest free essay community. Dec 11,  · Free Essays from Bartleby | In the Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan, tells stories of four Chinese mothers and four Chinese-American daughters and their.

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