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How to Write a First Class Essay?

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You need to convey why your particular interpretation of the content will interest the reader; this will also ensure a greater acceptance of your claims. Also, never assume understanding. Someone who reads your essay may not be familiar with acronyms or phrases you use as standard, so make them simple to understand.

After all, this forms the main section of your document. Many students make structural errors that weaken the argument of their essays. For example, they may adopt a descriptive format, and merely describe or summarise the principal arguments.

This will prevent you from achieving a first-class grade. On the other hand, a strong argument will convey focus and criticality. The latter is one of the main components of a well-written essay, and it reveals that you have reflected on the material you have read whilst preparing for your essay.

In order to solidify your argument, your essay can contain several criticisms of your main argument, which you can then defend. Two other very common error students make when writing essays is to adopt a generalised rather than focused argument and failing to include sufficient references or a solid theoretical basis. A first-class essay will not include a general statement that lacks a pragmatic or theoretical foundation.

You must directly address the research questions if you want to achieve a high grade on your essay. A first-class essay will also contain concluding remarks, which will vary according to the argument and nature of the document. Essays may contain a conclusion that summarises or restates the principal arguments that appear within the main body.

You can emphasise both the positive and negative arguments, and then issue a final declaration that is based on your initial arguments. On the other hand, a lecturer may request that the conclusion of your essay merely contain a final summary that reflects the main content. Because the conclusion is not standard, you should consult with your teacher or marker to find out what is expected of you. This will improve your chances of achieving a first-class grade.

For most well written essays, the conclusion of the document will both provide the author the opportunity to issue a final commentary as well as summarise the main content. Failing to present your essay properly will result in a lower grade; thus, you need to structure your document in such a way that the reader clearly understands your perspective on the topic or argument presented.

However, you should never convey your argument in an informal, facetious or pompous voice; be sure to adopt a professional and academic tone, and ensure your essay is well balanced. You will achieve a higher grade if your essay contains a series of short paragraphs that are clearly linked to the preceding content. Every essay you write should convey all of your own ideas, and contain accurate and complete references.

Failing to reference your sources correctly will cost you marks and prevent you from achieving a first-class grade. You should discuss the referencing system preferred by your particular university or academic institution, as several different systems exist. You want to ensure you use the official referencing style requested by the person or committee who will be grading your essay. Properly referencing all of your sources will earn you a higher grade; more importantly, it will also protect you from being accused of the serious offence of plagiarism.

Be sure to include quotation marks around any words or direct ideas that you have taken from another individual or source, and award them appropriate credit. If you want to write a first-class essay, you should also clearly state if your argument has been constructed based on ideas you have read or seen elsewhere.

Additional criteria for achieving a first class If you follow the above guidelines, you will have more chance of obtaining a high grade. However, there are some other elements that distinguish a first-class essay from a standard document. For example, you need to convey imagination, style, depth of reading, clarity and originality. You need to present a well-thought out and original argument that demonstrates your ability to think independently.

Originality also helps by making your essay interesting enough to capture the attention of the reader. You must be able to express all of your opinions clearly and confidently throughout the document. You can emphasise the originality of your ideas by incorporating an imaginative perspective that relates to current themes or by including examples that will shed a new light on presented evidence. In addition to originality, you must present your ideas to the reader in a clear manner in order to achieve a first-class grade.

Your writing style should engage the reader, and encourage them to read on and find out more. Markers want first-class essays that reveal a solid depth of reading from the author. First-class essays present solid content that is not superficial or rewritten based merely on existing text. There are various techniques you can use to improve the final grade of your essay. Start by visiting your local library for helpful publications and books related to essay writing.

You can also conduct an online search as the Internet contains numerous resources that relate to writing essays worthy of a first-class grade. Unlike the sciences, there is no right or wrong way to write an essay. If you want to achieve a first-class grade, you need to ensure you are familiar with for the criteria regarding content and structure.

Once you have established the criteria, you need to ensure your essay contains a solid argument, proper structure that flows well and incites the reader to continue to the next paragraph and proper referencing. You must be able to present your ideas succinctly and clearly, and reveal elements of imagination, clarity, style, depth of reading and originality if you want to achieve the highest grade classification possible. Last but certainly not least, talk to your professor; supervisor or marking committee to be sure your essay reflects the learning goals of your particular course.

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