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❶When the chocolate bar melted, they discovered that they could turn this microwave emitter into something that could heat food. Social science is the study of people and people, usually defined into psychology and sociology.

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Tanzania noted by O. What is social science? Social Sciences are subjects that use research and analysis to explain human behaviour. These subjects include anthropology, psychology, and sociology, history, political science and economics.

What is the importance of research? Take this example, the importance of research in education. Research, with the general aim of systematically, improving an academic body of knowledge may: The results of research can lead ideally to changes in methods or practices in the case of education it might be a teaching methods, say online Vs in class on campus.

As suggested above, research determines the success or failure of change in any process or work flow. Without it we will not learn about previously unknown Natural Phenomena that can be used to make new Technologies. Why is research important? Research is important because we are able to learn about newthings, like people and events. Through doing research we are ableto gather enough information to make smart decisions.

Research helps you to understand, well, exactly what you areresearching. Research is an systematic way of process of obtaining new knowledge. With out research progress will stop. Basically Research are of two types 1. Applied research In Basic research , people tried to identity hidden truths in nature. They search for new knowledge in universe. Quantum mechanics born in quest of describing small particles In Applied research ,people use the knowledge from basic research to develop new products , process which comforts human life.

Integrated circuit which creates explosion growth in computer industry. So Research is very important for the progress of Human kind. What is social sciences? Social sciences are the academic disciplines that focus on therelationships of individuals within a society.

Some examples arepsychology, anthropology, economics and sociology. What is the importance of knowledge logic and method on social science research methodology?

WHAT are the differences among master of social work master of arts master of science master of research and master of philosophy in the major of social work and what is the best among them?

It really isn't a question of better, its just that there is a slight difference in focus. Theoretical vs a more research and practical focus. It is usually determined by the department within the institution on how they label the overall degree.. Explain the importance of research in the social sciences? Research is a pillar of any subject because the information which any subject carry's is only because of the research done previously. What is the importance of statistics to social sciences?

Statistics, as well as statistical analysis, is key to the field of social sciences. Social scientists study the attitudes of groups of people, and this is often through the use of focus groups, questionnaires, and polls. These studies results in statistics, qualitative as well as quantitative. For the united kingdom social sciences are P. E Personal and Social Education R. What is the importance of social science research? Social science or soft science studies the human aspects of the world.

It includes an in-depth study and evaluation of human behavior by using scientific methods in either quantitative or qualitative manner. The subject matter of the soft science can be subjective or objective.

In contrast to hard science or natural science, social science reveals subjective, objective, inter-subjective and structural aspects of the society. In simple words, it measures the social developments of the society and finds the emerging drawbacks too.

The work of social science is to watch where the society has been heading and what more can be done to benefit the entire race. If we dig out the historical evidences, we will find that social science has been a constant part of the development of the human race.

It is interesting to know that great philosophers like Plato and Aristotle were advocates of social science and their philosophies are based on the objectives of social sciences only.

So, social science is very much present into our day-to-day life and has a pivotal role in the societal growth and development. Importance of studying social sciences? There is great importance in studying the social sciences. Thisstudy helps people to understand how people move, work, andinteract. What is a bachelor of science in social science? My daughter is getting this. She is going to UWF in Florida.

This is a simple page to explain it in detail.. What is importance of research? Research helps collect data or information that may be used to find patterns. Research helps to explain the world around us. Research may be used to help prove or disprove theories. Different types of research in social research? To come up with a good research output, a good research design is needed. Without a good research design, the researcher will find himself flooded with information which may not be appropriate in meeting his objectives.

Social Research Social research is aimed towards an understanding of social phenomena. Applying the appropriate research design in gathering the required data about people and their behavior is essential in understanding the complexities of human behavior.

Social research uses both quantitative and qualitative approaches; the former approach focuses on quantifying evidence and usually applies statistics in analyzing the data gathered to reveal generalities while the latter aims to achieve understanding through subjective analysis of subjects and emphasizes the context by which things happen.

The number of subjects of social research scientists range from a multitude of people to individuals. Documents are also examined to strengthen the findings. Hereunder are 4 different types of research design that social scientists employ to gather data in the field in a systematic manner to come up with sound, reliable results. Experimental Research Design An experiment is a research design where a certain degree of control over a given set of variables is exercised by the researcher when conducting an investigation.

Experiments are used to test new hypothesis or existing theories with the end in view of confirming or refuting them. The experiment starts off with a problem statement, a hypothesis is formulated, then an experiment is carried out to find out if the hypothesis is correct or not.

The results are analyzed using statistics that form the basis in coming up with a conclusion. When many experiments have already been done getting the same results, a theory may be formed which are then conveyed through publication of findings. For example, an experiment is carried out to find out which amount of a toxin will cause symptoms to experimental animals referred to generally as "guinea pigs. Case Study Research Design A case study is a research design that focuses on a single case rather than dealing with a sample of a large population.

For example, a careful determination of the factors that led to the success or failure of a community project may be conducted. Longitudinal Research Design A longitudinal research design involves collection of data over a period of time. This is further subdivided into three types namely trend study, cohort study, and panel study. Trend study A trend study is a type of longitudinal research design that looks into the dynamics of a particular characteristic of the population over time.

For example, a researcher might want to study the people's preference for projects, whether government or non-government, in their community.

Respondents of the study vary across study periods. Cohort study A cohort study is a type of longitudinal research design where a cohort is tracked over extended periods of time.

A cohort is a group of individuals who have shared a particular time together during a particular time span, for example, a group of indigenous peoples living in the forest for decades.

Panel study A panel study is a type of longitudinal research design that involves collection of data from a panel, or the same set of people over several points in time by measuring specific dependent variable identified by the researcher to achieve a study objective.

From the data gathered,it is possible to predict cause-effect relationship after a given time. Panel study is usually done when it is difficult to analyze a case-study which is only a one-shot deal.

People's shifting attitudes and behavior can be detected. For example, cause-effect relationship may be investigated between the number of faculty research outputs and the amount of time given for research as work load over three years.

Cross-sectional Research Design A cross-sectional research design is a common research design used by social scientists. It gathers data from a cross-section of a population. For example, a contingent valuation study asks a sample of a population regarding their willingness-to-pay to preserve a given forest ecosystem accessible to them.

Choosing the correct research design will enable the researcher to gain a better understanding of social phenomena. Thus, familiarity with these different research designs is a requisite for a well-guided research study. Social science from natural science? Is environmental science a social science?

No because it is not a type of science it is a form of social science. What is the importance of learning social sciences when studing social work? Social work deals with social problems. The word "social" already implies that problems are not so much "there" as they are "made" by two or more persons.

After all, it isn't possible to have a social problem on your own. Therefore, a social worker will need to understand how societies and cultures define problems and choose their own ways to deal with them.. For example, whereas having a beer in a pub is no problem in most of the western world, it could most certainly be a breach of the law in Saudi-Arabia.

This shows that it is not so much the individual's behavior that defines the problem, but rather social reactions to that problem.. Therefore, acquiring an understanding of the context in which problems arise is of vital importance for the social worker, so that they can choose an appropriate intervention strategy. Why is social studies not a social science? Because some of social studies you have to study. I had something called P.

W Person Of the Week and over the weekend I had to write 10 facts about that person and turn it in. What is the importance statistics in social science?

The importance statistics in social science is that it is able toquantify information. Statistics is also used to estimate thepossible outcomes in a society study among other things. What is the importance of research design to a researcher? What is social science about? Social Science is a field of study where one explores the human society.

This term is pretty much used as a umbrella term to refer that there are many fields outside of the natural sciences social science is a part of natural sciences.

Look into each field to find more about the relationship between Social Science and the rest of fields branching out from it. What makes social science a science? Social science is considered a "science" because it requires a method of investigation and study as does any other science, environmental, physical, etc.

Is social science a natural science? Social science is the science of how things interact with each other, so, in a way, it can be a natural science because it can apply to all things in nature.

What is an example of a social science research project? Other proactive measures can be taken to encourage the uptake of evidence-based interventions.

Furthermore, you can send the results of your study to local officials, policy-makers, and community leaders. There are relatively few published studies about eye care in developing countries, and Unite For Sight encourages all volunteers to consider developing a research study to contribute important knowledge to the eye care community on a global scale. Pursuing a research project will be a challenging and rewarding experience, and this opportunity enables you to pursue an in-depth original study about a topic of interest.

Well-conducted research is vital to the success of global heath endeavors. Not only does research form the foundation of program development and policies all over the world, but it can also be translated into effective global health programs.

Research draws its power from the fact that it is empirical: Furthermore, good research utilizes methodologies that can be replicated, produces results that are examinable by peers, and creates knowledge that can be applied to real-world situations.

Ultimately, the key to a successful research project lies in iteration: Oftentimes, by discussing the research project with advisers and peers, one will find that new research questions need to be added, variables need to be omitted, and other changes need to be made.

As a proposed study is examined and reexamined from different perspectives, it may begin to transform and take a different shape. This is to be expected and is a component of a good research study. In addition, it is important to examine study methods and data from different viewpoints to ensure a comprehensive approach to the research question.

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The importance of social research is reflected in its ability to provide fact-checked and well-validated answers to questions involving human interactions. Social research replaces the often costly and time-consuming approach to determining best-practice approaches through trial-and-error.

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In the present age, social science are accruing a scientific method of study for this method, research is an important factor. In the last two or three decades, social research has become an important subject of the curriculum of Sociology.

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Social unity in a problematic area b/w two groups or castes is only possible due to social research. Social research manifests the causes of these events and gives a remedial solution to it. So, social researcher is the main factor . The following points bring out the significance of research in social sciences. Problems solving is the thrust of most researches. Social problems are felt directly by people and that research by offering solutions to such problems .

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Significance of Social Research: Within the last 20 to 25 years, courses in methods of social research have come to occupy an increasingly important role in sociological curricula. It likely that at present every major university offers such courses. This is because growing significance of social. (Myers ) suggests that "Qualitative research methods were developed in the social sciences to enable researchers to study social and cultural phenomena. Examples of qualitative methods are action research, case study research and ethnography.