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Empowering medical researchers, doctors, and you.

Posted by Christopher Martin on 03 September. Making good decisions is an integral part of a successful business. What are the impacts of incorporating qual and quant data into the decision-making processes, and how can this be done? Posted by Emily James on 03 September. Nobody likes negative feedback, however, without it how can we improve? Here are some strategies for accepting negative feedback and using it to drive change for the better. Posted by Dorota Rewinska on 03 September.

Gathering Big Qual online has many benefits, but often results in a lot of data. How do we overcome barriers such as this in order to effectively analyse Big Qual and gain the important relevant insight?

Posted by Maria Twigge on 03 September. Market research has been affecting major decisions for many years. With the mPower app, Melinda Penkava can track her condition on a daily basis and share the information with her care team — from wherever she happens to be. The biggest challenge medical researchers face is recruiting participants. Often just a handful of people are used in a study. But the sheer number of iPhone users around the globe means that apps built on ResearchKit can enroll participants and gather data in bigger numbers than ever.

You no longer have to travel to a hospital or facility to complete tasks and fill out questionnaires. In a short amount of time, the apps built on ResearchKit have helped medical institutions enroll an unprecedented number of participants in their studies. Research has shown that early treatment of developmental issues can lead to higher IQs and better social skills. And children can be screened without having to see a specialist in person, allowing for earlier diagnosis and treatment.

Since its launch, the EpiWatch app has enabled people to accurately track the onset and duration of seizures in real time, creating a correlation between episode history and medication. Researchers are using the SleepHealth app to identify connections between sleep habits and conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, obesity, COPD, and depression.

With the right tools, you can play an active role in managing your own health. The EpiWatch app lets you send a notification to a loved one when a seizure is coming on. Developers are taking advantage of the CareKit framework to create personal care apps. You can also connect directly with your care team.

From the moment you enter the hospital, through discharge and recovery, this post-heart attack app aids in a successful recuperation and heart-healthy life. Using the Care Card module of CareKit, the app lets you easily track things like medications and physical activity. The MyVitals tab helps you stay in tune with indicators for recovery like heart rate, blood pressure and mood. Care teams can review the data entered and reach out if you need to see your doctor.

Having a child with complex medical issues is challenging. Living with diabetes means constantly managing your blood sugar. And all this information can easily be shared with loved ones and caregivers directly from the app. We know how much you value the privacy of your information, and both ResearchKit and CareKit have been designed with that in mind. To develop ResearchKit and CareKit, we consulted leading hospitals, medical institutions, and foundations around the world.

ResearchKit is available to developers worldwide. Learn more at researchkit. CareKit is available to developers worldwide. Learn more at carekit.

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On Monday, Apple's Greg Joswiak - the company's VP of Product Marketing - submitted a declaration to the Court explaining why documents relating to Apple's market research and strategy should be sealed. Yes, gasp!, Apple does engage market research. Quite a bit of it actually.

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As set forth in Apple’s privacy policy, from time to time, we may use your personal information to contact you to participate in a market research survey so we can gauge customer satisfaction and develop better products. If you do not wish to participate in the survey, you are not obligated to do so.

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Schiller, Apple's senior vice president of worldwide marketing, spoke briefly, yet candidly, about the company's approach to using market research, or rather, not using it. Historically, Apple representatives, including the late Steve Jobs, have spoken of how the company does not rely on market research in product development. Part of the confusion surrounding Apple’s approach to market research is the over-simplification of what activities can be considered research. Focus groups & interviews are one of the most recognisable, universally accepted forms of research.

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Apple marketing strategy is based on the founder Steve Jobs’s philosophy that customers do not always know what they want. Accordingly, instead of conducting marketing researches to identify customer needs and wants, the multinational technology company prefers to install innovative features. Apple - Market Research Do Apple Conduct Market Research? ”We do no market research. We don’t hire consultants. We just want to make great products”.