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How Is Emily Bronte's Writing Style Characterized?

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Emily Bronte’s Life

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Bronte the Poet

Their father seems to have valued his privacy, often keeping to himself, even dining alone, although there is no reason to doubt his affection for his children. As a result of these social limitations, the children provided their own entertainment, which often consisted of acting out imaginative games and later writing them down.

Their education was in part provided by their aunt, Elizabeth Branwell, who came to care for them after their mother died in September, , shortly after their arrival in Haworth. Tutors in art and music were occasionally hired for the children, and at least two libraries were available to them: Emily left Haworth few times in her life. When she did, it was usually to continue her education or to gain employment. Their stay was brief, for when the two older sisters, Maria and Elizabeth, were stricken with tuberculosis, from which they later died, their father had all his daughters sent home.

Sadly, she would never know the fame that her novel achieved. Eventually, Emily became seriously ill, and died on December 19, Charlotte, Emily, and Anne jointly published their first collection of poems, which gained praise from critics, though only sold two copies at first.

Emily and Anne contributed 21 poems to the volume, while Charlotte included 20 poems. Initially it received mixed reviews from critics due to its innovative structure based on doomed love , social commentary and mystery. It was condemned for depiction of immoral passion, but later the novel became a classic. The writing style of Emily Bronte was figurative and self-effacing interspersed with poetic prose.

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Everything you need to know about the writing style of Emily Brontë's Wuthering Heights, written by experts with you in mind.

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Quick Answer. The style of Emily Bronte's writing is more passionate and vivid than that of her sister Charlotte, whose novel "Jane Eyre" received more critical acclaim that Emily's "Wuthering Heights.".

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The writing style of Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte is influenced by several factors, most notably the fact that it's written as a journal by one of the characters. Emily Bronte and her Writing Style: The Bronte sisters, namely Elizabeth, Emily, and Anne, are famous for their contribution to English literature. Emily Bronte was an English poet and novelist. Her full name was Emily Jane Bronte.

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Wuthering Heights is the only novel written by Emily Brontë. Some critics have criticised her style, and there are certainly times when she can seem a little clumsy or immature. Some critics have criticised her style, and there are certainly times when she can seem a little clumsy or immature. A very complex element of Emily Bronte's writing technique is the narrative style she uses when alternating between the two characters of Nelly Dean and Lockwood. Wuthering Heights is a story told through eye witness accounts, first through Lockwood, followed by Nelly.