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Many consumers know their basic rights, but often the rights they do not know about are the ones that businesses deny. Therefore, the fact that consumers need educate themselves is essential if they are to prevent any further mistreatment/5(11).

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Consumer awareness through consumer movements, is an effort to change this situation and to safegaurd the interests of the consumers. Logos and certification such as the ISI or Agmark logos help consumers get an assurance .

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Essay about The Australian Consumer Law and Consumer Guarantees - The Australian Consumer Law (ACL) was established to protect consumers in any legal trading activities in Australia. A set of guarantees has also been introduced for those consumers who are acquiring goods and services from Australian suppliers, importers or manufacturers. Consumer Rights CONSUMER RIGHTS WHO IS A CONSUMER 1. A person who has indicated his or her willingness to obtain goods and/or services from a supplier with the intention of paying for them. 2. Someone who has purchased goods and/or services for personal consumption 3.

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It is only recently that it has been recognized that the consumer has his own rights which need to be protected. These rights are (i) the right of safety and the right to be protected against the marketing of goods which are health hazards or pose a danger to life itself. Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Consumer Rights.