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A Visit to an Orphanage

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❶The assumptions of a fair world where people are just the same broke into pieces through this volunteer task.

A journey to understand this world.

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Thus, less and less orphanage type of residential housing exists nowadays in the U. If there is such thing as a residential place for children and adolescents, they tend to be divided by its purpose.

For example, there are residential places for immigrant children who are caught being smuggled into the U. There are also residential places for older children and teens who have committed some kind of criminal activities, and this type of placement is usually divided again into what type of level of security needed to control the children. Usually, the more serious the criminal activities i. The type of intervention given to each place will also be different, of course. Based on its purpose, orphanage in the U.

Their living environment is also unlike the residential places for children with a history of juvenile delinquency. First of all, there are still a lot of orphanages in Indonesia.

Secondly, not all of those children in the orphanage have lost their parents. Many of them still actually have their parents around, who for one reason or another, could no longer support and raise them. The main reason that made these parents finally gave up their parental support and rights of their children, as you can probably guess, is poverty. However, there are also special situations where the parents did not completely give away their parental rights.

Instead, they made an agreement with the orphanage so the children can live and go to school there, with the tuition and living costs paid somehow by the parents a very considerably low rate and sometimes subsidized by some kind of funding while the parents live somewhere else in the city, work full-time to get income for the family and save some money to get a living arrangement in the future. These kids will get a chance once a week to see their parents for a day and then return to stay at the orphanage again.

Then there are situations where the children were uprooted from their family due to violence in the family or living conditions that are just too poor and unbearable for their health and safety. For example, there have been some children, where in some situations there are perhaps siblings, who used to live on the street with their parents, working as beggars. Some of them already have a history of minor criminal activities, such as pickpocket or stealing, taught by their parents or other adults.

Indonesia also does not have a foster-care system. Hence, orphanage becomes the only institution to house and serve all types of children with nowhere else to go.

The organization already has a pretty good system of placement. It is run by a private funding and there is no governmental involvement or funding. It does still lack a great deal of services; one of them is psychological or mental health services for the children. The children already has a good school system because the organization is connected to a school ready for them with a curriculum that follows the national education standard.

The orphanage itself also has a pretty adequate facility for the children to live, study in the evening, play and run around, a chapel, a computer room, and so on. Moreover, many diseases are caused by the lack of knowledge and unawareness about some facts.

Thus educating and guiding people is really important which helps people live a healthy lifestyle and save their good health for a long time. A volunteer organization has a true aim to serve the society and provide a better life to people in the world.

It is a perfect platform for people who wish to help selflessly and commit themselves towards the betterment of people around them. These kinds of organizations act as a team which joins hands and work effectively to provide great things to the society and eradicating the ill aspects which are prevalent in the world.

Though it is seen as a noble cause and everyone loves being a part of it, but still there are many obstacles which people face traversing the path of nobility. As per my experience there are many obstacles such as some government rules which collide with the practical situations and which suppress our power to help the needy.

The second obstacle which I faced was more of a trust factor which does takes a time to build up between the needy and the provider. It took me some time to build the trust between the children and me but eventually this obstacle was broken down. The whole volunteering task was an enlightening process for me. It helped me introspect and break the boundations of my thinking and beliefs which were limited before this project.

I did teach the orphan children computers and gave them the knowledge which they needed to survive in the society and face the world when they come out of the orphanage. The world is a cruel place with a lot of competition in each field and education is the weapon which helps every person to fight and win the war against it.

I played the role of provider of that weapon which they hold proudly and are gearing up for the battle. I added value to their lives in the form of education and the knowledge which would help them make their lives better and can enable them to progress in their lives.

The volunteering process was a beautiful one and it really gave me peace which I would not have got by any other way. Yes there were challenges but no challenge is as big as the willpower. I faced a challenge of emotional disconnect with the children as they used to see me as an outsider to their world and stayed aloof.

Gradually, the things changed and there was a sense of emotional attachment which made us overcome this obstacle and we shared the world where they gained the knowledge and I gained solace through helping them. The whole thing was not as I pictured it of being a simple teaching like a school. It made me see a different world altogether which I never perceived.

The assumptions of a fair world where people are just the same broke into pieces through this volunteer task. The task was selflessly chosen and I never expected anything in return other than the peace which I would get through it. I did not get any scholarly awards or any recognition by this help but it has given me the most important gift, the gift of high thinking. During this volunteer project, I had learned a lot about the people, the world and the things which I always tend to oversee.

The way I think has changed and I can analyze in a better way which would help me in my career and my personal life too. This experience has taught me a lot of things and I am definite that I would always be volunteering in one way or the other. Helping the society is all it takes to be at peace and to develop a feeling of pride. I would want to volunteer again and in a better way possible.

I do not want to limit myself to only education, I want to expand my horizon and help the society in as many was as possible. Accessed September 14, We will write a custom essay sample on Orphanage specifically for you. Leave your email and we will send you an example after 24 hours If you contact us after hours, we'll get back to you in 24 hours or less. How to cite this page Choose cite format: Better and Time Volunteer Work High school. It looked like the house was without maintenance for years together.

There was a small girl who was peeking through the window on the first floor when we opened the gate. When we entered the home, we were taken by surprise as there were more number of children than we had imagined. There was a common room where the children both boys and girls ranging from the ages of 3 to 21 years were seen.

Some of them were indulged in watching the television, some were sipping soup from their bowls, some girls were busy playing with their dolls and others were staring at us. We had brought with us food, blankets, drawing books, crayons, pencils etc. They were ecstatic to have food from outside and were even more elated when they received the stationary from us. We segregated ourselves and went to talk individually to everyone.

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An orphanage is a place where happiness is not seen a lot of times. The children are emotionally unsecure and always look for solace through someone or something. The children from different kinds of societies, regions and countries stay in orphanage.

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Essay writing on orphanage. Did it very well, developers say they're on a christian community, synonyms, jun 29, stony courtyard. New day today there are in gulu, , is that any speaker of a new orleans, taylor m. May 14,  · I visited an orphanage last week and discovered a new piece of information about that type of institution in my country (Indonesia). Quite a trip, actually. Enough to make me wanting to write about it. It was on a late afternoon. Not my first time to visit the orphanage.

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