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Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) essay

Essays on Fetal alcohol syndrome

❶Although sometimes the IQ level allows students with FAS to study almost normally, in most of the cases the language and social barriers prevent these children from getting the knowledge they need [Streissguth, ].

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome – conclusion

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Every pregnancy should be afforded a happy and healthy outcome. Everything a pregnant woman eats, her unborn child eats as well. Hence, the fetus of a drinking woman would have had its first drink long before it was born. Science has proven that alcohol easily crosses the placenta to the developing fetus, whose alcohol level is usually the same as its mother Pilletteri, , p.

A woman who drinks alcohol during pregnancy is also at risk for spontaneous preterm labor, giving birth to a low birth weight or small for gestational age baby Bird, , p. Saying no to alcohol during pregnancy should become a public outcry. Every woman who decides to become pregnant needs to abstain totally from alcohol use.

There should be regular screenings and information sessions during prenatal visits so that parents-to-be who may be overwhelmed by their pregnancy, know and feel that they have the support of others. This is especially important among young mothers, those with unintentional pregnancies, and school drop-outs who may tend to place the blame on the fetus. Group sessions for pregnant women should be conducted by every major prenatal and childbirth facility.

Many who have experienced it live to tell stories of fear, neglect, hate, hunger, intimate partner violence, and suicide attempts. An otherwise unwanted pregnancy can really become a bundle of joy.

There are both prenatal and postnatal abnormalities associated with FAS, ranging from mild developmental delays to severe brain damage. Often, not being capable to present good knowledge and get corresponding academic reward these student experience sharp academic frustration. The desire to be successful in reality and the tendency to avoid frustrating situations make them lie. Lying to parents and teachers makes the process of education even more complicated than it is. In addition to that FAS patients sometimes start stealing things.

No school is interested in having students who steal things and this causes a problem that needs a solution, which seems completely unsolvable. Nevertheless, this problem does have a solution. Of course nothing will bring recovery to a FAS affected child, but proper attention from the side of teachers and parents can eliminated a number of negative m manifestations from the side of such students.

Children with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome may also need to get sufficient sexual education, due to their tendency to have casual sexual encounters in an adult age as a measure of preventing it [15]. It is obvious that children with FAS will not be able to understand all of the subjects that are taught at school.

So the basic priority of their education should be language skills practice. It does not matter whether FAS patients talk normally or communicated only through signs. The approach should be in any case a personality-oriented one. FAS patient desperately need communication and the process of education is always a great opportunity to acquire knowledge and express their opinions and desires.

FAS students do have troubles is learning mathematics and other exact subjects. In other words, the process of education of FAS patient is a special process that requires special attitude and guidance. The key to the most productive education is appropriate placement in special classes. As children with FAS require a lot of individual attention in order to achieve, these classes should be able to provide them starting from preschool. It goes without saying that even the best education that children with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome get will not significantly improve their abilities, although the analysis shows that education is a measure that prevents FAS patients from further degradation.

FAS patients need to learn how to operate with money, how to perform basic living skills and be whatsoever independent. This will give their relatives and caregivers the time to rest and to be ready to continue helping these people. Education becomes the key to achieve the potential that FAS patient have. Without it their lives will be very hard.

It is obvious that children with FAS do not quiet fit in the contemporary society with all its requirements. There is a group of condition that such children need in order to succeed. This means that every child with FAS should be shown how to cope with everyday routine. This supervision is supposed to prevent an FAS-child from getting into a life threatening situations.

The instructions need to be exact and not ambiguous. Another thing to remember is that children affected with FAS need to be talked to about the disease. Knowledge will destroy their fear in front of the diagnoses. Direct contacts between children with FAS and people educating them are very important. The relations need to be confidential and full with kindness.

As these children may have problems following a curriculum the best way to overcome this difficulty is to create a curriculum-like life at home. Everything needs to be done at the same time and in the same order. This accustoms the child to the organized, which is a big problem for children with FAS. The analysis of the Fetal Alcohol Syndrome in terms of genetic predisposition leads to a rather striking conclusions. Although FAS is not considered to be genetic or inherited for some reason the frequency of FAS of black and white children differs.

The risk of a black woman to give birth to a child with FAS is seven times higher than of a white woman. This works even after setting control over the alcohol intake of black pregnant women [Sokol, ]. What does this mean? Basically it simply means that all ethnical groups may suffer from this syndrome without any exceptions. Some scientists used to think that what it means is that some ethnical groups due to their historical development have a higher genetic predisposition to FAS.

From their opinion such a historical predisposition could have been be an issue for young mothers belonging to different ethnical groups. Nevertheless, it has nothing to do with genetics. And no matter what ethnical group the pregnant woman belongs to she is always to remember that she can put her baby in a great danger and that the alcohol damage done to the child is irreversible and that she will have to watch her child suffer throughout all life and suffer herself.

Genetic field of the Fetal Alcohol Syndrome has already been deeply examined. Genetics is not to be blamed but young mothers consuming alcohol thinking that it will not affect their fetus. Therefore the genetic factor simply falls off. Nowadays, the major goal physicians try to focus on is alcohol abuse prevention. It is all about drinking or not drinking alcohol during pregnancy. But order to help a person pass it doctors need to know that they are facing this problem.

Diagnosis of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is what is a guarantee of well-timed help that a child may get from the doctors. It is better to diagnose the syndrome right after the birth of the baby, because the diagnosing at a later period of time may become problematic and the accuracy of the diagnosis will not be as high [8].

A mistake in the diagnosis can cause significant complications. Special needs that a FAS patient requires can never be provided in case of a wrong diagnosis. Early diagnosis increase the possibility for a FAS affected child to become social adequate. The most important part of a correct diagnosis and treatment is taking proper medication by the FAS-patient.

As it is impossible to cure the syndrome, doctors may work with separate symptoms, which can be reduced owing to a correct medication set. There is no cure from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. There is nothing that can be done in order to eliminate the effects that alcohol has had on the fetus during the period of its development.

This affects are irreversible and will accompany the child throughout his whole life. Symptom manifestation improvement is what can be achieved under the condition that the diagnosis is made in time and appropriate attention in given to the FAS-patient from the side of the physicians. The consumption of alcohol beverages has strongly entered the tradition of celebration any significant events in the life of people.

Anybody can hardly imagine celebrating Christmas or a birthday without a gulp of champagne. But the reality is cruel… And nowadays children with the Fetal Alcohol Syndrome are not necessarily children of alcoholics. Therefore even small doses of alcohol can do harm to a pregnant woman and her future baby. The following triad characterizes Fetal Alcohol Syndrome: Children diagnosed with FAS have mental development disorders.

And the reason of these disorders is completely preventable — alcohol abstention. Most women do not understand the consequences alcohol abuse can have of the fetus nevertheless the abuse occurs primarily because young mothers do not know the destructive power of alcohol. The consequences of the FAS do not decrease with time, though specific manifestations change when the child grows up.

Attention disorder and hyperactivity along with CNS changes and facial mutation happen in 75 percent of the FAS patients. These factors prevent the child from proper social adaptation and therefore make its life incomplete. Social impracticability of people suffering from the Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is one of major problems of the contemporary medical society. And the only way to solve this problem is to prevent pregnant females from drinking alcohol in any amounts.

So as the women takes alcohol during the prenatal period the postnatal period of the child will be full of health difficulties. As all the effects are preventable then each women should strictly maintain alcohol free living during her pregnancy. There is no cure a better cure for FAS than alcohol abstention! How to write an essay Types of Essay.

Essay Examples New Essay Examples. Example of a Compare and Contrast essay on Health about: The negative effects of alcohol are compounded during pregnancy.

These include maternal morality and co morbidity and the underdevelopment of the fetus. Maternal alcohol consumption leads to births with FAS.

The fetal alcohol syndrome is the retardation of mental and physical development of the child. Despite the prevalence of FAS, not much is being done to prevent its occurrence. This is due to chronic drinking habits of women, high cases of unplanned pregnancies, inadequate training of healthcare professionals and the lack of routine screening programs at prenatal clinics and at substance abuse treatment centers. Since the effects of FAS cannot be reversed, clear strategies on reducing alcohol consumption need to be formulated and implemented.

These strategies include educating the public to increase their awareness about FAS through mass media, meetings and seminars; incorporating training and education in professional curricula and publishing of FAS material for professionals; and implementing routine screening of pregnant women for alcohol consumption.

This will ensure that maternal mortalities are reduced and that women have healthy births free of fetal alcohol syndrome.

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Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is a series of birth defects such as physical, mental, behavioral and learning problems caused by the mother drinking alcohol during pregnancy. Kenneth Jones and David Smith at the University of Washington in Seattle officially identified Fetal Alcohol Syndrome in (Golden 1).

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- Fetal Alcohol Syndrome “If women didn’t drink anymore during pregnancy, there would never be another baby born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome or Fetal Alcohol .

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Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is a series of birth defects caused by alcoholism or consumption of alcohol on a regular basis during pregnancy. The baby, who has no part to play in the mother’s drinking, ends up with severe problems before and after birth. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) is a terms used to define a number of various physical and mental defects of a baby that can appear when a woman drinks alcohol during the period of her pregnancy. This syndrome unites different degrees inclinations in the psychophysical development of a newborn.

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Fetal alcohol syndrome is a condition that results from alcohol exposure during pregnancy. There are several problems that are caused by fetal alcohol syndrome; these are physical deformities, mental retardation, learning disorders, vision difficulties and behavioral problems. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Introductions to Addictions HumanNet02 Mary Beth Mulcahy October 14, Drinking alcohol pre-pregnancy or during pregnancy can cause abnormalities in the infant which is a condition called fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS), or a less severe condition termed fetal .