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11 Easy paper crafts for kids

Perfect star with one cut? Yes!

❶Make these pretty paper ornaments out of flat paper circles cut and folded in a simply ingenious way. These one-of-a-kind night-lights with paper-cutout designs are a charming addition to any child's room.

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Start by wrapping a streamer around the trunk once and securing it to its end, not the tree, with double-sided tape. Continue wrapping until a few inches are covered, then secure the end with tape. Repeat with more colors. Create 3-D textured artwork with balled-up bits of crepe paper. Cut a rectangle from a cereal box and draw a simple image on the unprinted side.

Working on a section at a time, spread tacky glue onto the cardboard, then press the balls in place. Our spiky-haired pencil topper is a welcome homework helper. Sandwich double-sided tape between the layers. Place tape on the bottom layer and roll the stack around the end of a pencil. Glue on googly eyes and a paper mouth. Match your lamp shade to your decor, for cheap. Starting at the bottom of a plain shade, simply wrap lengths of streamer around it, securing the ends with double-sided tape.

Hang several of these lightweight containers in a geometric pattern for a pretty way to display a child's collection or small desk supplies. Fold up the lower left corner along the line created by the midpoint and the upper left corner, as shown. Make a matching fold with the lower right corner, creasing then unfolding. Erase the pencil mark. Refold both; abut the two short edges and seal them with patterned washi tape. Attach the pocket to a wall with removable double-sided tape or removable mounting squares placed at the upper corners of the pocket.

Customize this cool spacecraft with extra hatches, portholes, side fins, and more. To make one, roll a rectangle of scrapbook paper ours is about 4 by 6 inches into a cylinder, sealing the seam with washi tape.

Cut four 1-inch-long slits into one end of the cylinder, spacing them evenly around the edge. Cut out two mustache-shaped fins A. Fold them at a right angle as shown, and insert them into the slits B. Run glue along the cylinder's top edge and place the cone on top; let glue dry. Glue a rectangle to the rocket's side for a hatch. Make these pretty paper ornaments out of flat paper circles cut and folded in a simply ingenious way.

Cut out this base circle and set it aside. Fold each of these circles in half. Slide the four larger folded circles onto the base B. Then slide the smaller ones inside the larger. To hang the sphere, use a pushpin to poke a hole through the edge of the base, and tie on a string. Believe it or not, these fantastic animal heads are made from nothing more than cereal boxes, newspaper, flour paste, and paint—a simple project that Los Angeles art teacher Samara Caughey loves doing with her young students because it stretches their creative muscles.

To make the creatures at home with your kids:. Iron a few coffee filters to make them flat. An adult's job—iron up to four at a time on the highest setting, no steam. Set them out on a covered surface with lots of paper towels and a few bowls of liquid watercolor paint. You can also make it from cake watercolors: Remove each one and place in a bowl, then add a few drops of water at a time, mixing as you go, until the paint becomes a thin liquid.

Fold the Coffee Filters: Show your child these techniques to start— then encourage her to experiment on her own! Unfold into a half-circle, then use the creases as a guide to accordion-fold the filter along its radius, like a fan, until you get a skinny triangle. Fold one corner of the rounded edge down to meet the opposite long edge, forming a triangle.

Then accordion-fold the paper two more times, matching the corners to long edges, to get a small trapezoid. Dip a corner into the paint very quickly. Repeat with other corners, using new colors. Press the wet filter between two paper towels to squeeze off excess liquid, then gently unfold it and set on a protected surface to dry.

Play with other porous materials such as tissue paper, newspaper, or fabric to see how the paint absorbs with each. The Project Have your child decorate the poster-board squares by gluing on cardstock or creating patterns with the art supplies.

Next, help him cut the pieces into smaller organic shapes to make the ones we used, download our template at familyfunmag.

Be sure at least two shapes are half-circles—they'll help form a base. Once your child has five or more shapes, he can slide two half-circles together at the slots to form an X, or slot together two to three pieces, rotating them until they stand on their own at least three points should touch the work surface. From there, he can continue to add more pieces by sliding them together at the slots until he's satisfied with the result.

Parents may receive compensation when you click through and purchase from links contained on this website. Jump-start your child's creativity with these simple crafts made from all varieties of colorful paper. Animal templates, corrugated cardboard, craft paint, paintbrush, pipe cleaners, white glue What To Do: Trace templates onto cardboard and cut out. Paint animals; let dry. You can skip the templates and let the kids create their own!

Tie a knot on the neck of the balloon. Cut off the top half. Cut out the bottom of the cup. Trace the top of the paper cup to make a mouth, and cut out.

Pinterest Emily Kate Roemer. Pinterest Photograph by Alexandra Grablewski. Turn coffee filters into pretty paper glass with this crafty idea from a Nashville art teacher. Use scissors to trim the edge of a coffee filter to create an uneven, organic shape. Make lines, spots, and blobs on the coffee filter with non-permanent markers. Drape the coffee filter over an upside-down plastic cup or yogurt container.

Apply spray starch to the filter until the marker colors bleed together and the coffee filter is completely wet. Let the filter dry. Transform cardboard tubes into cute cottages in just a few simple steps. Paint the tube and let it dry. Make two angled cuts into one end of the tube to form a point. For more awesome shadow puppets click here to discover 3 easy shadow puppets you can make with just your hands. This is a great way to use up old newspapers—and your little miss can go wild with whatever flowery, feathery toppers she wants.

For more fun and easy hat craft ideas for kids, click here. This idea from Babble Dabble Do is one part science lesson, one part paper project, and totally amazing. It involves paper flowers that expand in water—mimicking the real-life natural phenomenon. Which paper craft are you excited to try? Share with us in the comment section below! Origami Paper Crafts for Kids. Let us help you be the rock star mom or dad we know you are! Sign up for our picks for the best things to see, do, eat and explore with your kids.

Content property of Red Tricycle Inc. Duplication, distribution or other uses by permission only. Sign up for the best activities, tips and adventures that are really worth your time. Easy Peasy and Fun. The Journals of Giddy Giddy. Create in the Chaos. I am not a European Union resident. Funniest Parenting Tweets of the Week: Tuck small treats for dinner guests into these delightful paper dishes. Embellish paper fans as favors for your next summer get-together. These paper Christmas trees are as pretty as origami versions but easier to make.

This three-dimensional card will make the recipient jump for joy. Display your family lineage with a handmade card. Preserve or recommend your favorite recipes by copying them onto these charming cards. Transform store-bought cards into pop-up floral stationery or create your own. Craft fun finger puppets and flowers out of a few brightly colored napkins.

Using our template, create fun 3-D gift wrap and cards for any occasion. Preserve your garden treasures with this pretty stationery idea. Crepe-paper flowers are easy, beautiful, and always in season. An easy decorating idea guaranteed to uplift any gathering. Assemble a few crafts store materials to create a beautiful paper bird.

Impress your guests with this clever packaging idea. Make these bright and beautiful decorations for any fun celebration! Keep your favorite paper souvenirs on display by using them for these decorative tins.

Create beautiful roses from a common household item:

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Cut out the image from the transfer paper, remove the backing, and place, right side facing up, on the smooth side of a piece of top-grain leather ($; 8 1/2"W x 11"L; for stores). Iron the image onto the leather, following the transfer-paper package instructions, and trim away the excess leather bordering the flock.

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Perfect star with one cut? Yes! Do you know, that you can make a perfect star with just one cut? See the video and do it youself!

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Origami Butterflies diy craft crafts easy crafts crafts ideas diy ideas diy crafts paper crafts crafts for kids. Find this Pin and more on for kids! by Loth. How to make Origami Butterflies These are lovely butterflies for a baby mobile or paper craft. Whether it’s construction paper, computer paper, or yesterday’s newspaper, your art supply drawer isn’t complete without this particular DIY ingredient. That’s why we’ve gathered up 23 crafts that spotlight paper in a big way, from cootie catchers to .

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Jul 14,  · Make an epic paper snowflake using this technique from Side by Side, a book of collaborative crafts for parents and kids by Tsia Carson. Working on the floor, lay 9 full-size sheets of newspaper in a three-by-three Author: Parents. Paper Crafts Bring out a pile of paper and have reams of fun with these paper crafts for kids. The whole family will love making flower crafts, craft .