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❶I also felt like at times there was too much focus on characters that weren't really important like Bam and Hayden.

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I hate living in Texas sometimes: There are so many people from the message boards that the fans really want to see in the film. Although creepy, I would love to be a part of it. I just finished the last book and it was incredible!! You made this world seem so real in the way you wrote it. Thank you for a truly incredible series!! Thanks for you post, Tricia!

To know that the Unwind Dystology holds up right through the last page makes me feel good all over! The film is moving forward — more news when I get the go-ahead to post it! I wanna act as Connor so bad. His appearance fits me. Well, dreams are dreams. I wonder who will be cast?

I am not one to fancast but I hope they pick a teen for at least Lev. As someone from Ohio, I especially liked these books.

I just wanted to say congratulations on the big success, Mr. Thank you so much Neal! I like the books a lot. I hope the movie turns out great good luck. Oh please do an open casting in New Jersey I would love to try out for the part of Lev. I absolutely loved the books and just felt a significant connection with him excluding being a tithe haha. Shusterman, I was wondering if there has been any updates on the news of casting. News such as if auditions have already taken place or is there still a chance to audition for any roles?

Thank you for taking the time to read this and have a blessed day. This article has fulfilled my dreams, and just yesterday, I finished Undivided. I even imagined the parts being played out in front of me. Is there only one movie of Unwind coming out, or are there movies for the whole series? I am a big fan of the unwind dystology and am very excited about the new movie coming out.

But the first movie will be just the first book. Shusterman, I am very excited about the Unwind movie! Thank you and congratulations again on the movie! Been waiting for years for this movie. I remember you coming to my school back in talking about it. My name is Emerald Chaney, and I am a huge fan of your Unwind dystology.

I was wondering if you could keep me posted on the casting process, and if there is a chance that I could audition for a role. I am a model hoping to be an actress, and this would be a great experience for me and to start my career. Just whenever you get a chance, it would be awesome to hear from you.

Thank you for your time, and have a great day. Honestly, the Unwind books have completely ruined my life because the characters and their stories are so perfect. Can we just have a Heartland War already? I would love to be in the cast although I live in Australia.

This would be a great opportunity to start my acting career. I feel like I may be bugging you, so sorry in advance! But I hope that you properly cast teenagers to be the main characters as so many movies now a days have teenagers depicted by adults which lowers teenagers already low self esteem. And if its not too much, and you are still looking, I was wondering if there would be auditions for Risa Ward. As she is my role model. And I know that just looking like her wont be enough, as personalities do matter, so you are the judge, but it would mean the world to me if I could just audition.

If not I would be interested in assisting in any other part you have to offer that I may look like. I could potentially be an extra as well, but auditioning would mean the world to me. Your books are sometimes like my lifeline, I refer to them constantly as well and you are one of my favorite authors. I have read all five books countless times.

Thank you so much for even reading this. I cannot wait till the move comes out. Super excited to hear about the movie. I really enjoy read: Just a note for those of you who either 4. I love Connor and Risa and Lev. I have extremely mixed feelings about Cam. I will be most pleased when Starkey dies.

I re-read the first 2 books. I read this one. My mind is a mess. To be this connected with the characters, this emotionally invested in the story, this awestruck with the world building and the amazing, mind-blowing plot.. Looking back to where it started, making an inventory of all the characters that came alon I re-read the first 2 books.

Looking back to where it started, making an inventory of all the characters that came along since there, and watching their paths converge time and time again… I tell you, this story is an actual masterpiece. It starts with all hell breaking loose in the graveyard and it takes all characters on this awesome adventure around the US.

All puzzle pieces start to fall into place, unlikely alliances are made, people tag along for this journey in order to find a way to freedom, while others make their own goals and plan to reach them, sooner rather than later. Our trio gets together and apart more than not in one format or another , the reunions are bittersweet and unexpected. This series is breathtaking. It sweeps you out off your feet.

It puts things into perspective. It gives you a sense of what humanity is, and what the lack of it can mean for the human kind.

It is gruesome and awesome and I can never have enough of it. I think another reviewer may have summarized it best: Weaved into this story is the backstory of unwinding's inventor, scientist Jansen Rheinschild and his wife, Sonia, who we've seen before.

Connor and Lev are on the lam together, try 4. Connor and Lev are on the lam together, trying to reach Sonia, whom they believe can help them stop unwindings. Along the way, they pick up a fascinating new character, Grace, who is simple of mind, but very attuned to emotions and plays an important role in the book. Really looking forward to the conclusion. Oct 09, katwiththehat rated it it was amazing Shelves: Our cast of characters continues to be stirred around like cherrios in a bowl of milk, going from place to place, meeting up, then being separated, finding friends and foes, Neal Shusterman has created a super exciting world and this was a great building of tension.

I particularly liked the inclusion of the view spoiler [ reservations that were now safe havens within the US because they did not support unwinding and finding out more about what h Another awesome installment in the UNWIND series. I particularly liked the inclusion of the view spoiler [ reservations that were now safe havens within the US because they did not support unwinding and finding out more about what happened to Lev before he became a clapper. Cam is a character it's hard not to feel sympathy for.

The idea of him is monstrous, an abomination, but it was never his idea to be made, as he points out. The abomination is really someone else's his creator's mind, not his, not him. Oct 21, Meaghan rated it it was amazing Shelves: This series is holding strong!

I loved this third installment of the Unwind dystology whatever a dystology is. If a dystology is this amazing, I think more authors should consider them though! I have no clue how Mr. Shusterman makes me care for so many characters. There are so many POV switches and so many characters, that I feel under normal circumstances I would not care about any of them. However, this is not a normal circumstance and I have some kind of emotional attachment whether that be This series is holding strong!

However, this is not a normal circumstance and I have some kind of emotional attachment whether that be love or hate or somewhere in between for all of them.

Each character is also very distinct from each other in their POV. I don't know how Neal does it! Another thing I love about this book as scary as it is , is that Mr.

Shusterman makes the world believable. Especially when he adds real articles from our society and he puts so many parallels from our lives into the book. From just a brief synopsis, this concept sounds utterly horrifying and unrealistic but the world created becomes more and more believable the further in you read. I really like the addition of Grace's character. She is a really interesting character and her POV is fascinating. This is about how I feel listening to Grace come up with her strategies.

Connor, Risa, and Lev are all back in this story obviously and I still love them all! I'm not quite sure where they stand romantically but yay!!! He seems to be the character that grows the most for me from book to book.

Starkey, Argent, Nelson, juvenile authority, etc. Still don't know what to think of him. That's the last person that should have children I have no idea what to think of him at this point which I'm sure is what the author wants.

I hope not but it's a strong possibility in my mind. He seems to act emotionally when it comes to Risa. I was wondering what was going to happen and did not see this coming. This is an interesting parallel with things like 3D printers that are being made right now.

And this is not a completely crazy idea. This type of science is actually being considered. Here is some information on it if anyone wants to nerd out as much as me on it I won't go into my rant on this one but this does happen quite a bit. It has every component to be a completely epic finale! I'm in love with the Unwind series in general, like the whole idea for this world is so insane and creative. The whole thing was leading up to the big ZING in the last chapter, and the entire book clearly was just a set-up for the fourth book.

I also felt like at times there was too much focus on characters that weren't really important like Bam and Hayden. Also where did Argent and Nelson go? They just disappeared in the last half. Despite not being in love with this book, I am beyond excited for the grand finale, because I know that it will be action-packed and most likely filled with both despair and happiness.

Only 7 more months of waiting. View all 11 comments. This review contains spoilers for UnSouled. UnSouled was a bit disappointing, if I'm honest. Nelson, Argent, Cam, Starkey , it felt at times like I was reading more from POVs I couldn't give a fuck about than from the characters I actually cared about and who are actually the main characters of the series. Everyone losing each other. As in, not losing each other as in someone dying and not being there anymore but more like everyone forever getting into situations where they're losing each other and thus spending so much time apart from each other.

And this made the book such a drag to read at times for me, I think. I get it, they're AWOL Unwinds and on the run and losing each other is nothing that I'd say is unrealistic, it's just that when these characters are apart, it easily gets boring to read about them all being on their own. While reading book one and book two, I couldn't flip the pages fast enough but while reading book three, whenever a new chapter about someone I couldn't care less about was up next, even if I felt like reading, I put my Kindle aside because I really didn't feel like reading from that person's POV.

And while Shusterman managed in the previous installments to even make me look forward to reading from POVs of characters I didn't care much about, here it just wasn't the case. Apart from that, another thing that bugged me quite a lot: First of all, Cam was there and I thought that wouldn't be a problem but Risa made it one by just doing I was kind of done with the book by then, to be honest.

But no matter what, I enjoyed it, which might be hard to believe seeing all the stuff I complained about but it's true.

These characters have grown on me and even if I was a bit disappointed with how this sequel turned out to be, I still enjoyed spending time with the characters. Overall, UnSouled is so far the weakest installment in the series that I had to struggle through a little but I still can't wait to read the fourth book and see how the series concludes.

View all 8 comments. Nov 07, Kristen rated it really liked it. It can be forced underground and even rendered unconscious, but hope cannot be killed. Lev and Connor have one clue that is driving them forward: They believe that by seeking out the woman connected to Janson that they can find the answers to the end of unwinding. Unbeknownst to Connor and Lev, while they are trying to unravel the mystery of Rheinschild, Nelson is still on their trail. Nelson has not given up his goal to capt 4.

Nelson has not given up his goal to capture them, not in the slightest. His plan, his obsession, is to take down Proactive Citizenry. Risa, on her own, is unsure of who she can trust. She desperately searches out a safe location to stay while she waits to be reunited with her friends.

With the help of friends, the drive of determination, and the power of hope, these four characters meet again and learn answers that could change everything. I liked UnWholly even a little bit more. But I pretty much loved UnSouled. I made a little listy-poo to help me organize why I liked this book so much: It was particularly hard to swallow the fact that even the characters that were supposed to be less intelligent were basically awesome masterminds.

But then I started to look at it a little differently. I began to think that maybe, as an adult, I underestimate the intelligence and drive of young people. Perhaps the author wanted the readers to see each person in the novel as important and valuable in their own right. It was fascinating to see how Shusterman spun that aspect of the book. I really felt for the people who, inadvertently, invented the one thing that would change the history of the world as they knew it in such a disturbing way.

It was saddening to see how people who just wanted to help the human population, instead see the horror that they caused. It made me think about the process of unwinding, specifically unwinding that happens due to parts pirates. These were only a few things that stuck out to me. Generally I enjoyed this book more than the previous two because I felt like the process of unwinding and the setting of the story had been established.

I felt like this book allowed me to focus more on the emotional aspect, and less on the sensationalism of unwinding itself. There is a bit of a stall midway, but even there Shusterman keeps things somewhat lively. And just about the time I thought he was going to descend into "I'm going to decide what's best for someone else no matter how they feel about it" territory, he saved things.

I can't stand that plot device because it is so disrespectful of the person about whom things are being decided - all in the name of love, usually.

The series is starting to become about teenagers single-handedly saving the world. But there are still no special snowflakes and the themes in the story far outweigh any dislikable plot elements.

I was surprised at the ending, but quite honestly it gave me hope. Shusterman has opted to include current-day articles throughout. I didn't realise they were actual links to actual articles until I tried one out of curiousity. I thought they were fictional and thrown in for effect. He has a sister, Grace, who he is so nasty, angry and rude to- she is labeled "low cortical" which means she is lacking in her mental capacity boy do they get that wrong but it is Grace who ends up helping Connor escape and goes with him and Lev to find out answers to the unwinds, Proactive Citizenry and try to find Jansen Reinschild's wife, Sonia they invented unwinding.

Argent meets up with Nelson, the parts pirate who is consumed with finding Connor and they are both detestable characters, along with Starkey who thinks he is the God of the Storks and has no moral compass.

I enjoyed the parts involving Risa, I Unwind Unwind Dystology by Neal Shusterman Only 1 left in stock - order soon. Let me tell you how much I love this book! I finished this book within a day, because I was so intrigued by it. Before a child is 13 you cannot "unwind" them. Unwinding is pretty much like if someone were to donate a heart, it would go to someone else.

The only difference is instead of donating just an organ Every part of them is used and attached to someone else's body. The main characters are Connor, Risa and Lev. Connor found out he was going to be Unwound awhile before he actually was, Risa is sent to be Unwound because of budget cuts in State Homes StaHo and Lev is The first book in this series haunted me. The second destroyed me. The third gave me hope.

And this last book released me. There are so many things these books say about what defines life and where the soul lives and how easily the masses can delude themselves--ourselves--into believing anything is okay if it comes to easing our fear.

There's enough substance in these four books to fuel any number of debates for years.

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Unwind Movie Update—February For a number of reasons, Constantin Films, who was developing UNWIND as a movie, halted the project just short of production, and decided it .

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Unwind is a science fiction novel by young adult literature author Neal takes place in the United States in the near future. After the Second Civil War or the Heartland War, was fought over abortion, a compromise was reached, allowing parents to sign an order for their children between the ages of 13 and 18 to be unwound—taken to "harvest camps" and having their body parts.

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Unwind is an potential film based on the book of the same name, written by Neal Shusterman. It is currently in pre-production under the German film production and film distribution company Constantin Film and Don Carmody Productions, and is co-financed with Voltage Pictures. Roger Avary was. Neal Shusterman is the New York Times bestselling author of more than thirty award-winning books for children, teens, and adults, including The Unwind Dystology, The Skinjacker trilogy, Downsiders, and Challenger Deep, which won the National Book Award/5(K).